Thursday, February 21, 2013

Half Price Day at the OP Shop

Half price day!!! Well I had to be there and I bought this bed base and look at that storage!! Charlotte approves, she is thinking of moving in. This is a spare bed and I tossed out the cheap bed I had there .
 Same bed now made up with pretty OP shop linen. Looks a bit plain, I think it needs some cats or bears....soon solved.
 And I bought this pretty lounge. In good condition it looks much better than my old one and the cushions look better too.
 The poor old lounge. It's had a good life, bought many years ago and recovered twice I fell out of love with it years ago but my cats have always loved it. Now it is waiting for a trip to the tip.
 Charlotte and Emily have been demanding a new lounge for weeks. They've finished with this one.
Yes, Op shop shoes but these are brand new Hush Puppies. Normally sold for well over $100 I bought these for $25 a pair. They are salesman samples and as salesmen always show the smallest size, in this case size 6 (=4 UK or 37) which is just my size-lucky me- they are then donated to an OP shop. The two in front are the same but one pair is black and the other light navy. I also have red sandals I forgot to include. Yes I do have 2 feet I'm only showing one of each pair. There were other shoes I had to leave as a bit unsuitable with very high heels I might have fallen off.

Friday, February 8, 2013

18th Birthday for Charlotte and Emily my Birmans

 My beautiful girls are 18 years old today and they are just as pretty and active as ever. I removed the glass top from my display table so Charlotte could choose some royal jewellery to wear but she decided nothing was good enough for her on her birthday.
 Emily loves shoes so when I came home and kicked off my sandals she said she would take care of them.
Still looking good at eighteen Emily.
 It's tiring being birthday girls at eighteen.
 Both girls needed a rest.
 I wanted a photo of my girls together, this is the most I could manage. I think I heard them whisper HAPPY   BIRTHDAY as they passed each other.
I have the paperwork to prove their age, had to check it myself as they look so good. This certificate also shows their parents and grandparents.
 They received cards and had a cake, unfortunately they wouldn't wake up to party at the same time so I had to blow out the candles.
                             ' Night Night Emily, sleep tight
                              Don't let the bed bugs bite.'

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Crown Jewels and Other Bargains

 I know you've seen this bear before but look at those beautiful sparkly rhinestone (diamond?) earrings she is wearing now. Bought at the op shop for just $3, wish my social life included events where I could wear these precious gems. Looks like Jubilee Bear thinks they're not good enough, well I'll go op shopping on Monday and see if I can find something better.
 I can wear this solid silver, Silver Jubilee bangle and I often do. I couldn't seem to take a very good pic of the bangle, it is very pretty. Hallmarked 1977 it was an ebay purchase. I promised to let the seller know the minute it arrived. I placed the bangle on my wrist, made a cup of tea then tripped and broke my arm and wore the bangle to the emergency dept. Three days later I was able to email the seller who by then must have wondered if I even liked it'.
Went to a local Antique Fair last week, not much Royal stuff for sale but I did buy these bargain brooches.
 I was laughed at for buying this piece of bargain kitsch but I do love horses and coaches. I'm sure this is Marie Antoinette going to a Ball.
 Janet's Royalty Rooms have closed and her collection is for sale. The price is rumoured to be $350,000  The local council won't buy it and keep it this area so it might go north of Sydney. Janet hopes the collection will stay in Australia. No, I can't buy it and I don't have Janet's outgoing personality to help me run it.
 Another doll's house, this was at the op shop for only $5 so how could I resist? Just big enough for some 1/12 scale furniture I will put some windows in the back, where those small holes are and another floor below the attic.
 Yes Charlotte I know I haven't worked on that doll house yet but I broke my arm remember so don't be too hard on me. Look I bought some wallpaper at the op shop so I will start soon.
A market bargain to brag about, this plate was $2. I called him Prince Valiant and put the plate in a box and forgot it for a while. When I found it again I saw the tiny letters Cinq-Mars on the side. looked that up on google and there he was (I love google) He was Henri Ruze' d'Effiat Marquis de Cinq-Mars. Henri was a friend of Louis XIII but was beheaded at age 22,for conspiring against the King, at Lyon in 1642 though his mother begged Cardinal Richelieu for his life. The Castle of Cinq-Mars is now a Bed and Breakfast and Conference centre.