Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Charlotte and Emily say Merry Christmas

Emily would have said Merry Christmas to All but she's too busy right now having discovered some rainwater in an abandoned pot plant which must be investigated. Charlotte is also too busy as she is wondering if she should do something about that lizard at the bottom of the steps.Charlotte and Emily want everyone to know they do care about all those snowbound Europeans and people stranded at Heathrow and can't get home To Sunny Australia for Christmas but they have had it tough too.
Last week there was a very sudden and noisy hailstorm, Charlotte was terrified and even though the storm only lasted a few minutes she had to spend an hour in the wardrobe to recover. Emily only looked slightly annoyed by the noise. Then one day this week it was so windy they couldn't get out of the door at all and had to spend the day sleeping.

My very first William and Kate souvenir has arrived from the U.K, only a metal badge but i'ts a start and I've ordered a wedding tapestry, hope it arrives in time for me to stitch before April 29th.

Look at the big pink bear behind Charlotte, I won it at the Doll Club Christmas raffle. Made from mohair by a clever club member I think this bear is just asking to be made into a William and Kate bear. Look at the large paw pads, I could embroider names or dates there and today at the op shop I bought a little denim jacket to convert and stitch with royal stuff. A great idea and one I hope will make it out of my head and onto the bear.

Happy Christmas to all in Blogland from Charlotte, Emily and Me.