Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia Day 2017

 Australia Day with State Emblems and the Crown still firmly in place.
 A sign at a local butcher shop. Almost turning me vegetarian but I do love roast lamb. And I did enjoy my Australia day barbecue and lamingtons today.
 These are Aboriginal sculptures at Lake Illawarra where I live and I don't quite understand them yet.
 Or the significance of the gold shoes and the mug and plate or even the stack of towels.
 Or the white shoes, is it in case of emergency break glass?
The totems tells the history of Lake Illawarra. Click on this pic. to read the text.
 I have yet to do the 3K walk which will tell the whole story and ALL might be revealed.
 Is this the original 'boy from the bush'? No my daughter brought him home many years ago and he is now a loved if much older family member and father to my 2 grandsons.
Yes, Yes it's an Irish drink and perfect with ice cream. No better way to end Australia day.
Shibella does not appear in this post as she is A British Shorthair.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Shibella and More Royal Souvenirs

 I heard a knock at the door so I'm outside looking through the glass door till I know who it is. SHE knows I don't like anyone coming to the house-hope SHE doesn't offer them a cup of tea. Or worse-a glass of wine, then they'll never go home.
 You can come in now Shibella, they've gone and I want to write about my Royal stuff.
My Buckingham Palace cut-thru is finished and framed. I'm very pleased with the result even though I worked it in 14ct Aida not 16ct which came with the kit. The kit by Bothy Threads came with a generous supply of threads. Lots of back stitch but a separate chart made this a bit easier to work.
 A expertly stitched Gobelin tapestry of Princess Diana, Very tiny stitches like petit point or tiny tent stitches and the back is as good as the front. I bought this from Bulgaria and the parcel only took 2 weeks to arrive.
 A close up of the stitches.
 My favourite model Big Ted is showing a child's coronation party dress, the pocket shows a crown with Elizabeth R 1953 embroidered. The card in Ted's pocket reads The "Glenthorne" Party Frock size 22"to 24" suggested age 3-6 years. The frock came in original packaging and had never been worn, the price on the card is 19/6 or nineteen shillings and sixpence. Ted has teamed the party frock with a Charles and Diana sun hat from THE wedding in 1981. Thank you Big Ted for being such a great model and for being a BIG Ted.
 Is there no end to the souvenirs out there that I must have in my collection and on my walls?? This is a large wall hanging or rug from the Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth. I have placed it above the front door where there was still a bit of space.
 Some fabric bought from America just printed so not original. The fabric took 5 weeks to travel from America but my parcel from Bulgaria arrived in 2. Now I think I love Bulgaria.
 A friend had a big birthday last week and I made her this card as she loves Toucans and I found a chart on google.
As she is an Elvis fan and also shares his birthday this is her cake. Supplied by her daughter-not made by me.