Sunday, May 24, 2015

George V Coronation Sampler 1911 and More Embroidery

 A rare (I Think) and stunning hand embroidered sampler from the Coronation of George V. Fresh from eBay in the U.K. I wouldn't dare take this one from the frame to wash. The sampler came sealed in the original frame and I have found a place on my wall for it. With only some slight moving around of other samplers.
 For my apron collection I now have another hand embroidered masterpiece. Lady with kookaburra sitting on outstretched hand and holding a bunch of wildflowers in her arm.
 A close up, kookaburras are a popular theme in old aprons. On the right you can see I already had this apron but not stitched.
 Not Royal or an apron but somehow I had to have this large hand embroidered masterpiece. Bought from a nearby antique/junk shop the seller told me it is from Croatia. I think it has been hand drawn on fabric then stitched by hand. It seems to tell a story. The sailor is begging Red Dress Girl to elope with him on his boat. She has turned away after telling him to come back with a much bigger boat then she'll think about it!!!
Owing to lack of space I've hung this across a doorway. Lucky for me I'm not very tall so can walk underneath. Tall guests(grandsons etc.) must bend their heads to walk through the doorway and be thankful I didn't place the embroidery in a solid wood frame.
I had to go back to the shop twice and bargain hard to get this embroidery down to my price range. I think I only got a bargain because the seller's lunch was getting cold.
24th May 1819. Queen Victoria's Birthday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Teresa Gil Kate Design and More of Diana

My pretty Teresa Gil 'Princess Diana' cross stitch is finished and framed.
Now Teresa has put out a 'Kate Duchess of Cambridge' design. This will make a lovely pair and I have already made a start on Kate. I couldn't find the gold 'Ophir' thread for the cross stitch in Australia and anything I can't find here I buy from 'Sew and So' in the U.K. My order is always in the post next day and they take Paypal. Perfect.
Kate is wearing the Alexander McQueen gown she wore to a dinner in Los Angeles in 2011.
A beautiful Diana shirt complete with lace and rhinestones. Made in France, I found it on eBay then quickly made a skirt from some Kate and William wedding fabric I had.
A great companion for the Queen.
A Charles and Diana wedding sampler new in my collection. I have had the kit to stitch this one myself but much better to find one already stitched. I added the name and dates to the bottom only because I already had the frame and mat surround so had to fill in the space.
My apron collection is still added to now and then. This one shows a flower seller in Piccadilly Circus, it just needs binding around the edges and the pockets put in place. I also have this one not stitched so again my luck held and I found one stitched.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Teresa Gil Diana Cross Stitch and a new Princess

 A new princess has got me back to blogging. I have almost finished my Teresa Gil cross stitch of Diana. I think this cross stitch looks impressive but was not difficult to stitch. I'm sure Diana would have loved and been so proud of her new Granddaughter.
 And here is the new Royal Baby, I'm hoping she will be named Charlotte and we all know why.

 While Kate was busy giving birth I was at Sydney Opera House waving British flags, singing Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory etc. and throwing streamers. The orchestra played Waltzing Matilda at the end to remind the audience where we were. In Sydney not London.
I only heard about the concert the day before and was lucky to buy almost the last tickets.
Here the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is tuning up and the audience still coming in. The choir was seated behind the orchestra. I had a great view even though I was in one of the cheap seats.
Then I heard about the Royal Birth and am waiting for the name (Charlotte!!!!) so I can stitch a birth sampler.