Monday, September 12, 2011

Lake Views and Op Shopping

Once again real life has interupted my blog posts but my Lake views give me something to blog about. Sunday was a bit windy but perfect for skimming along the Lake with a mini parachute or kite, fun to watch but something I would never do. Not sure what this sport is called and mostly done in the ocean but perhaps these were beginners practising on the Lake. There were three kites in total.

Today a professional fisherman was out with his nets and he always has a following of pelicans willing to catch any falling from the net. Behind the pelicans is an island, you can see a white boat going through the channel then I will see that boat again when it comes out from behind the island.

Now for the Op shopping display. I bought these casserole dishes at different times because I love the colours but have since been told some people love to collect these old dishes so now I want more and have another item to look for when Op shopping.

Bought the cardigan last week at the Salvo's store, a brand new bargain still with tags though the size had been cut away but the Keynote Made in the U.K brand was attached. I think Keynote was a Littlewoods brand. I did a google search and found the same cardigan but in a pretty green on ebay advertised as vintage 60's if that's right this cardigan has been stored unworn in someone's wardrobe for many years.

Another new item with tags this very pretty dressing gown Made in Italy I bought last year and still haven't worn it. I think I'm afraid Charlotte or Emily will catch the silky fabric with their claws or I will spill my morning coffee down the front but it was such a bargain I had to buy it.

A queue for tunnel fun, Emily is first in but always has to take time to think about going through to the end or backing out and walking away. Charlotte waits for Emily to decide. Charlotte always goes through and out the other end.
Emily never goes through to the other end, I think she is just teasing Charlotte.