Monday, February 27, 2017

1953 Coronation Party Dress 1937 Coronation Apron and More

 Another dress made from Coronation fabric in 1953. This dress is made from cotton fabric, has no label so might have been stitched by a home sewer or local dressmaker. The belt is missing though there are keepers for a belt at the sides. The dress has 2 pockets so I have placed a Coronation hanky in one and a Queen brooch on the shoulder. There are cap sleeves and gathers over the bust and a side zip.
 And a full circle skirt. I might have been able to make a belt from the hem but the hem has been stitched right on the edge. So did this dress go to a coronation party? I will never know.
 A close up of the fabric.
 This is me a few years after the Coronation and I am wearing a dress of almost identical design. I made this dress and I know it had a full circle skirt and a 2 inch hem. According to my late mother a full circle or flared skirt should hang for a week before hemming then have a large hem so the skirt would hang properly. Wish I had a colour photo of this dress as it was in pretty rainbow colours with sparkles and I am wearing silver sandals ready to go dancing.
 Another lucky/amazing find on eBay. Coronation apron from 1937 with George VI and Elizabeth and I was the only bidder. Sometimes I can't believe my luck when I find an item like this which spans 2 of my collections. Royalty and Aprons.
 A friend took me for a picnic to Woronora Dam on Sunday. The dam is south of Sydney.
When it was time for our picnic lunch friend produced this mug for my tea. I think my Royal Reputation is spreading.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shibella's Thirteenth Birthday

 Yes it's true today I am thirteen years old. I am looking a bit startled here because SHE remembered my birthday. Last year SHE forgot to remember.
 My eyes are still my best feature and I think I look very good for my age.
 Looking a bit tired here because I am ready for my afternoon sleep.
 We both like the same side of the bed so SHE sleeps this side at night and I sleep here in the day. A bit like Box and Cox. (Google them if you don't know the story) We might rent out the other side of the bed as it is never used.
 This is a handy hint for those very hot days we are having. Sleep under the bed! I find it a little bit cooler down here and am trying to get HER to join me. No luck so far.
I know the postman has been I will look at my card when I've finished eating. I bet It's from that blue budgerigar I met once and never managed to get close to. What a cheek!!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Australia Day 2017

 Australia Day with State Emblems and the Crown still firmly in place.
 A sign at a local butcher shop. Almost turning me vegetarian but I do love roast lamb. And I did enjoy my Australia day barbecue and lamingtons today.
 These are Aboriginal sculptures at Lake Illawarra where I live and I don't quite understand them yet.
 Or the significance of the gold shoes and the mug and plate or even the stack of towels.
 Or the white shoes, is it in case of emergency break glass?
The totems tells the history of Lake Illawarra. Click on this pic. to read the text.
 I have yet to do the 3K walk which will tell the whole story and ALL might be revealed.
 Is this the original 'boy from the bush'? No my daughter brought him home many years ago and he is now a loved if much older family member and father to my 2 grandsons.
Yes, Yes it's an Irish drink and perfect with ice cream. No better way to end Australia day.
Shibella does not appear in this post as she is A British Shorthair.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Shibella and More Royal Souvenirs

 I heard a knock at the door so I'm outside looking through the glass door till I know who it is. SHE knows I don't like anyone coming to the house-hope SHE doesn't offer them a cup of tea. Or worse-a glass of wine, then they'll never go home.
 You can come in now Shibella, they've gone and I want to write about my Royal stuff.
My Buckingham Palace cut-thru is finished and framed. I'm very pleased with the result even though I worked it in 14ct Aida not 16ct which came with the kit. The kit by Bothy Threads came with a generous supply of threads. Lots of back stitch but a separate chart made this a bit easier to work.
 A expertly stitched Gobelin tapestry of Princess Diana, Very tiny stitches like petit point or tiny tent stitches and the back is as good as the front. I bought this from Bulgaria and the parcel only took 2 weeks to arrive.
 A close up of the stitches.
 My favourite model Big Ted is showing a child's coronation party dress, the pocket shows a crown with Elizabeth R 1953 embroidered. The card in Ted's pocket reads The "Glenthorne" Party Frock size 22"to 24" suggested age 3-6 years. The frock came in original packaging and had never been worn, the price on the card is 19/6 or nineteen shillings and sixpence. Ted has teamed the party frock with a Charles and Diana sun hat from THE wedding in 1981. Thank you Big Ted for being such a great model and for being a BIG Ted.
 Is there no end to the souvenirs out there that I must have in my collection and on my walls?? This is a large wall hanging or rug from the Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth. I have placed it above the front door where there was still a bit of space.
 Some fabric bought from America just printed so not original. The fabric took 5 weeks to travel from America but my parcel from Bulgaria arrived in 2. Now I think I love Bulgaria.
 A friend had a big birthday last week and I made her this card as she loves Toucans and I found a chart on google.
As she is an Elvis fan and also shares his birthday this is her cake. Supplied by her daughter-not made by me.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shibella and Queen Victoria

 Look at this people Fake Grass! I am walking on fake grass! I am at the back of the house where the washing line is and this area was full of huge weeds so what did SHE do? No SHE didn't pull the weeds up SHE threw fake grass over the weeds. Clever or disgusting and horrible? I can't decide.
 Good for sharpening claws so it is a bit useful.
 Oh no! I think the daisies are dead.
 And SHE never puts the hose away. Lucky SHE has me to point out HER many faults.
 Enough Shibella, I need to show the new additions to my collection. This is a length of cotton fabric from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The piece I have is about 2m x 40cm wide and is very fragile, I didn't dare wash it in case it fell apart. I am using it as a curtain end and well away from the sun.
 This memorial for Queen Victoria is painted on velvet and the hanging ribbons state Born 1819
Died 1901.
 My Queen Vic. cross stitch is finished and framed.
 I think it looks good in a matching frame with the Queen and corgi.
Love this cartoon. And the winner is? Well I think we all know now.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Roecliffe and Chapman 1953 Coronation Party Dress

 A very exciting find for my collection. This dress made from coronation fabric perhaps to be worn on The Day for a lunch or party? Made by the prestigious company Roecliffe and Chapman of Grosvenor St London (label still in back of dress). A company known for its high couture and made to measure service in the 1940s and early 1950s. The company is mentioned in the book 'Cutting Edge - 50 years of British Fashion'.
 Not sure what the fabric is-could be silk? Wish this dress could talk so I could know where it has been and what it has seen. I tried the dress on, It would be a perfect fit if only I could close the side zip!!!
 Another new item a child's coronation tea set. This might have been played with while Mother was out at a party in her new dress. The box is in bad shape with no lid but the china is perfect.
 Had to leave my coronation wallpaper behind when I moved but lucky for me I had more. This time I had no help putting it up so cut the strip into 4 pieces to make it more manageable. The plantation shutters were installed by the previous owner and now I have come to like them. Wasn't sure about them at first as I am a lace curtain type of person.
 The other side of the room.
 And opposite the bed. Previous owners had a large TV up there but I like to read in bed so more 'Royal Stuff' Up there.
 Cross stitch on Cut-Thru Buckingham Palace is finished but now LOTS of backstitch to be done to make sense of it all.
Have been looking for a Queen Victoria kit for a while and this Mini Cushion design by Sheena Rogers is perfect. Too good for a cushion so I will frame it when finished.

Shibella has been to the Vet. this week for her summer hair cut and refuses to appear in this post. She will have lots of opinions to share next time.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mish Mash and Odds and Ends

 October is almost over and I haven't done a post. These pics were loaded when son D. visited so all were taken early in October. This man and his ferrets are often at the local markets for a walk. The one on the left is named Diesel and I think the one on the right is Horatio. They are always being coaxed along for a walk but most often I see them being carried.
 I think the Queen is having a laugh at my very trendy light fittings. Left behind buy the sellers of my house they have a dimmer switch and and I was warned never to have them on high in case aircraft mistook them for landing lights. Very handy when I want to check for mistakes in my cross stitch. I have two more of the same in my kitchen.
 Look! I can grow something, My lilies thrive on neglect.
 Went to a garden party recently and was served mulberry pie and rhubarb pie. Both made by D. from her own trees and plants.
 D. has lived in her house for over 60 years and has the most amazing, beautiful and overgrown garden. This plant is Bird of Paradise. I now have one in my own garden and am waiting for the first flower.
 Part of D's garden.
 In one corner of the garden is a genuine old Aussie shed.
 Our local shopping centre is doing it a bit tough right now so in the last school holidays they had this Zoo. I am only showing a couple of animals but all were life sized and moved and sounded like the real thing. I loved them.
 This is a photo of Jack Moses with his arm around a kangaroo and an emu and emu chicks in front. Jack is famous for his poem and song 'Where the dog sits on the tucker box five miles from Gundagai'.
I was lucky enough to find this book signed by Jack at a large second hand book sale. The book is called nine miles from Gundagai and it is said Jack couldn't be sure of distances. The book is also signed by Joan Read an announcer at radio 2CH in 1940 so it might have been a competition prize back then. There is a statue of the dog and tucker box at Gundagai so most people travelling south to Canberra or Melbourne make a stop there.
Am now waiting for another visit from son D. and a further lesson on how to load photos on my updated computer.