Friday, September 25, 2015

Shibella and Her Big Adventure

 Shibella is exhausted because 8 days ago when I opened my front door she shot out and disappeared. I did see her after a few minutes but Shibella was frightened and I panicked. I tried to pick her up but she is a big cat and fought, bit and scratched and ran away. Next day I had to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot and anti-biotics, my damaged hand is slowly recovering. Then I walked the streets, put up signs, letter box dropped, forced a friend on a bush walk with me and all the time banging a spoon against a food dish. Listed Shibella as lost with the RSPCA as she is micro chipped and registered to me.
No Shibella no use looking for a way out. You will not escape again. Shibella has lost no weight so what were you living on? Endangered species rat? I started leaving food and water out and she eventually ran inside when the weather turned cold. Clever girl to know your own home when you have lived with me such a short time.
 Here Shibella is seen leaving a counselling session with Big Ted. Ted has been mentor to many bears and cats over the years but I was told privately that Shibella will need more help than most.
 I was hoping to put catnip on the scratch post for encouragement when I accidentally spilled it, Shibella is having a great time rolling in it.
No I won't vacuum the catnip up yet,enjoy it while you can.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elizabeth II Longest Reigning British Monarch and Teresa Gil Design

 On behalf of all the household bears, myself and Shibella, Bling Bear and her Consort would like to congratulate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on today becoming the longest reigning monarch in British History. Long may she reign for many more years.
 Teresa Gil has released her latest cross stitch design to commemorate this great event. Lots of beads and pretty colours, I have already made a start using 14ct Aida cloth. I have all the DMC colours and the beads are on their way from SewandSo in the UK. Like all Teresa's designs they look so impressive but are not that difficult to stitch.
 This tapestry (printed not stitched in 1952) shows the famous Dorothy Wilding portrait and Teresa has based her design on the dress. This portrait is up near the ceiling so not possible to take a better pic.
Not sure at first but I have come to like this new Queen portrait.
Shibella if you are not going to use the top level of your tower can I rent the space from you?  Today I'm displaying sweet peas from my daughter's garden. Tomorrow it might be something royal. I think I had in mind a smaller slimmer cat when I bought the tower.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Royal Collection and Me

 A book I received for my recent birthday about a very interesting man. Next to the book are two photos I took in the Mall, that could even be my hand trying to grab a corgi to take home for a souvenir. Not sure if  these are photos from the QM's 100th birthday or her funeral as I was at both occasions.
 I found this bargain at BigW reduced from $50 to $10 and apart from being a lot of fun, underneath my bed has never been so cat hair and dust free. I want robot everything now.
 Shibella is guarding her food and water station from the manic robot.
 The Queen and Philip are Sheena Rogers designs and were meant to be mini cushions. Janice in New York first alerted me to them, I decided to frame them together and add the words Elizabeth II Longest reign. The Queen becomes the longest reigning British Monarch next week.
 I am keeping busy with small projects as I know Teresa Gil is releasing a new cross stitch for the longest reign and I will drop everything to start stitching her design. No, Shibella won't be neglected!!
 Not a good time to start this Charles and Diana tapestry, think I will put it away for another few years.
Hard to believe it was 18 years this week since Diana's tragic death.
More luck at the Salvos' op shop, I found a Royal Visit 1954 towel on a rack with other towels and only $2. I do love a bargain, I already had one towel, now I have two. 100% better.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shibella Updates Again

So what has Shibella been up to lately? Bird watching, the tide is out and there are always lots of birds to watch from seagulls to pelicans and all sizes in between they keep her entertained.
 Collapsing exhausted to the floor after too much bird watching.
 Attacking the cat tower I bought for a lot of money and trouble.
 And again. What Shibella refuses to do!! and that is allow any grooming sessions or sleep on my bed!!
This is the cat show I went to only a week before I adopted Shibella when I knew I had to double my efforts to find my own cat before I grabbed one of these and ran. Forgetting for the moment I can't run far or at all.
The man holding the cat is Fabrice, one of two French judges that came to judge the cats. Both French judges were very well dressed and not worried about cat hairs on their smart suits.
They came all this way to judge a suburban cat show??? That's the cat world.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shibella Updates

 Here is Shibella, yes I am staying with her full name, being coaxed out from under my bed on her first day home.
 You are a big girl Shibella.  Shibella is 11 years old and is a pedigree British Shorthair and I have her papers. This type of cat does not meow and doesn't like to be picked up. But as I am writing this she is rubbing against my legs and I think she likes me.
 Here is Shibella ignoring the cat grass and cat mint I bought for her.
 Also ignoring the cat tower I bought.
 But wait... now she is on the tower.
 Now on the table.
 Trying out the back of a chair with no regard for anything Royal she might be sitting on.
Shibella eats well and uses the litter tray. Although she is a short haired cat she has a double coat which needs grooming but we are still getting to know each other so that will wait. Shibella please sleep on my bed tonight and not under it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Meet My New Cat Shibella

Meet my new cat Shibella, a beautiful Blue British Shorthair. Adopted today from The Cat Protection Society at Newtown. Bella, (think I will shorten her name to Bella) arrives at my house on Saturday and she will be the new star of my blog. Lots more about Bella to come.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Teresa Gil 'Kate' Finished and Catching Up.

All finished and I am so pleased with my efforts. My photo doesn't do this design justice as there is some very pretty beading and I love beads and beading. I do have to make one confession, I am not good with gold thread and only used one strand and not the two listed in the instructions. Much quicker and no snags or breaks.
 The two 'Royal Ladies' together. When stitching Diana I struggled with the 2 gold two threads, if you could see the two pictures in person not just photos the difference between one and two threads of gold is not so noticeable. Now if I can find some wall space...........
 Looking for my next big project (without looking for all the UFO's * I have hidden) I found this rug kit on eBay. It will be perfect beside my bed as another trip hazard. Sadly my enthusiasm has once again overtaken my skill and I can't get to grips with that hook. I have read the instructions and looked at google, still can't master that hook. My neighbour told me she 'knows how" as she left for the airport and a four week trip overseas. Meanwhile I have hidden the kit away.
 Two sewing bags from eBay. The one on the left is entirely stitched by hand from fabric for the coronation of Edward VIII 1937, Edward's face can be seen at the base The fabric shows the procession which didn't happen for Edward. The bag on the right is for the coronation of George VI and has the initials G and E each side of the crown and the year 1937 under the crown. Not sure if this one is hand or machine embroidered. I would have to unpick the lining to be sure and I won't do that.
 The other side of the small sewing bag.
 Remember the tea cosy started three years ago for the Diamond Jubilee. The knitting is finished, can't be bothered sewing all the little jewels on so have decorated the base with diamond and other rare jewel brooches and necklaces bought at markets and op shop. I will sew a few more jewels day.
 The other side, more brooches.
Close up of my favourite jewels. The one on the left is really a Christmas decoration and the most expensive at $16. Had to have it as it is identical to the 'Hope for the Future' diamond on my 'never to be missed' American soap opera Bold and the Beautiful. On the right the 'knock your eye out' diamond can be worn as a brooch or necklace and I would wear it to the supermarket but I might be mugged in the carpark.
* UFO is unfinished object.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teresa Gil 'Kate' Update and Amazing Apron

My Teresa Gil cross stitch is looking good, there is a lot of work in the skirt but all easy stitching. The skirt took 4 weeks to stitch and I have to admit to a little bit of unpicking. Always happens when I think something is easy,I relax and make a mistake. I'm always checking and double checking as I stitch so not too much unpicking just enough to be annoying.
 Arrived today, another beautiful apron from eBay. Perfectly stitched many years ago but the crochet edge never finished so never washed, never worn. I would like to frame this one, I think it's a work of art.
 A close up of the top, the pocket is a fringed lamp. I have a few dancing couple aprons. This might be the best. The seller was so slow to post and didn't answer emails I had almost given up receiving it.
 Showing the perfect hand stitching on the back and the hem stitching just waiting for the crochet hook.
 A Beach Girl apron with the embroidery finished but no edging or pocket in place. This one needs bias binding and I have finished some that way but now there are too many and I want to concentrate on my 'Royal' stitching.
Then there are lots of aprons like this in my collection. Started with great enthusiasm then put away and forgotten for many years. No, it wasn't started by me and yes I have lots of UFO's of my own and yes I collect other peoples as well. If only I knew how to sell on eBay. Much easier to buy.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

George V Coronation Sampler 1911 and More Embroidery

 A rare (I Think) and stunning hand embroidered sampler from the Coronation of George V. Fresh from eBay in the U.K. I wouldn't dare take this one from the frame to wash. The sampler came sealed in the original frame and I have found a place on my wall for it. With only some slight moving around of other samplers.
 For my apron collection I now have another hand embroidered masterpiece. Lady with kookaburra sitting on outstretched hand and holding a bunch of wildflowers in her arm.
 A close up, kookaburras are a popular theme in old aprons. On the right you can see I already had this apron but not stitched.
 Not Royal or an apron but somehow I had to have this large hand embroidered masterpiece. Bought from a nearby antique/junk shop the seller told me it is from Croatia. I think it has been hand drawn on fabric then stitched by hand. It seems to tell a story. The sailor is begging Red Dress Girl to elope with him on his boat. She has turned away after telling him to come back with a much bigger boat then she'll think about it!!!
Owing to lack of space I've hung this across a doorway. Lucky for me I'm not very tall so can walk underneath. Tall guests(grandsons etc.) must bend their heads to walk through the doorway and be thankful I didn't place the embroidery in a solid wood frame.
I had to go back to the shop twice and bargain hard to get this embroidery down to my price range. I think I only got a bargain because the seller's lunch was getting cold.
24th May 1819. Queen Victoria's Birthday.