Tuesday, 3 November 2020

The Queen and Andy Warhol Cross Stitch

My next cross stitch project is from my  Andy Warhol book The Queen in Art and Image. I have the book and a dress made from Andy Warhol fabric and and now I can do the cross stitch.
This will be a large project but it doesn't look too difficult. I found the chart on Etsy and it is from Boston Needle Works in America. The first stitches are in.
I finished my Queen Victoria before I started on Andy W. and am pleased with the result. Another lovely Teresa Gil design.
No I didn't make this one I found her on Etsy. The Queen came from Little Dolly Mixtures in the U.K,had to have her of course. I did add the ruby and diamond brooch to her coat. Hope HRH doesn't notice the rubies and diamonds aren't real.
Big Ted has new clothes at last and is indulging her feminine side. She is wearing a button through top with matching shorts, perfect for the hot days ahead. Although different fabrics the design on B.Ted and Pr. Elizabeth doll are the same. They could almost pass for twins now. (almost) Both outfits came from Big W and Big Ted is wearing a toddler size 2. 

Monday, 5 October 2020

Vintage Dolls With A Story To Tell

Here are the dolls from my childhood all wearing new clothes thanks to the Virus and me with too much time at home. The two medium size dolls are wearing hand knitted outfits from eBay, so much choice and such good prices and knitted by other knitters with time to spare and sell on eBay'

My large celluloid doll at the back is wearing an outfit from Big W baby wear department. Small doll in front has had her outfit from eBay for a few months.

My large celluloid doll I was given one christmas when I was about 12. My mother had to buy and dress 3 dolls as I have 2 sisters. My doll was dressed in pink, my younger sister's doll was dressed the same in yellow and I think my older sister's doll was dressed as a bed doll in a silver grey taffeta. All had beautiful hats long since lost, original shoes and socks also lost, we all still have our dolls.
Here is my doll in her original outfit. the dress is made from georgette and is starting to fall apart so I don't dare wash it again. Matching satin underwear of course.
Over the years one arm has discoloured and her face and eyes have faded. Her arms and legs have been restrung once.On her back is stamped Palitoy 55 Made in England. I found out only recently that these dolls are called Princess Elizabeth Dolls. Did my mother know when she bought them?For a celluloid doll of this age she is in great condition.
Now to my oldest doll which I received in 1945 and hers is a great story. At that time in 1945 I had been in bed for months with a serious illness. ( an illness now almost eradicated and fixed with anti-biotics and a few days off school) My father had a shop and in the window he had this doll on display and was selling raffle tickets for the doll as a favour to the local church. Every night when the shop closed he gave me the doll (still in a box) to hold. I really wanted that doll. The day came, the raffle was drawn my father gave me the doll and told me I was the winner. Only found out a few years ago from my older sister I didn't win the doll, my lovely father had bought the doll from the winner. My father and all the customers knew how much I wanted that doll. My mother later dressed the doll in a school uniform (pictured) for a Brownie doll show. She dressed my sister's doll in a brownie outfit. My sister's doll won. I still havn't forgiven my sister for winning. (but don't tell her)
The back of her head is marked A M Germany for Armand Marseille famous for many years for his doll heads. The celluloid arms and legs are stamped made in Japan and I know nothing about her stuffed body. She used to have some teeth and I think I remember a tongue, she also used to say mama. These things have gone now and her eyes are a bit strange. One arm has broken off at the elbow and is taped together and I know if I ever dropped her her head would break.

Australia was at war with both Germany and Japan in 1945 so I wish I knew where the church got the dolls from. There were 2 identical dolls both wearing orange crocheted dress one small and one large doll. I think it was the large doll I wanted and got. My generous father usually made sure I got what I wanted. Hope he didn't have to pay the winner of the doll too much.

My Patsy doll in her new outfit. Marked on her back Patsy by Palitoy Made in England. Patsy came wearing just a nappy but my mother had what she called a patch box, a tea chest filled with leftover fabric so I could always find something to dress my dolls. Also my best friend lived across the road and her mother made and knitted lots of doll clothes for the church fete so I always had a preview and first choice of doll clothes on offer.
Sorry Big Ted I know you have nothing new to wear and I havn't forgotten you but you are a difficult size to buy for. I will look on eBay again later and check the shops tomorrow. Or I could make you something if you don't mind choosing from the cat fabric I have in my fabric stash.

I still have the cane pram(seen on a previous post) I pushed my dolls around in and sometimes a cat and once only (never again) I let my friend push her dog in the pram.

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Queen of the World Cross Stitch Finished

And a Thank You to Teresa Gil for such a lovely design. I enjoyed every stitch. Well almost as gold thread always gives me a bit of bother but this time I used thread conditioner and it helped. The beading on the skirt was my favourite part. Fits perfectly into a standard size frame, I do my own framing and I think I am pleased with it. Now it's finished I feel a bit lost as this sampler has kept me sane and busy during Covid 19 lockdown and took 4 and a half months to complete.
No time to rest though now I must finish my Queen Victoria sampler.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Queen of the World Cross Stitch and More

Thanks to Covid-19 and staying home a lot I will soon be finished my Teresa Gil Queen of the World cross stitch. Today I will start on the beading on the skirt. Yesterday I stitched the crown, had to send to America for the silver thread as I couldn't find it anywhere in Australia.
Was sure I had given up collecting aprons then this one came up for sale. Can't resist fully hand embroidered ladies or kookaburras.
Already had the sugar bowl, milk jug and one plate in my collection then saw cup saucer and plate for sale, hope one day to have the full tea set. It's from the cancelled royal visit to Australia in 1949. Princess Margaret was coming too but the king became ill and had to cancel.
When I moved to my new address I joined a new craft group. This is a very colourful  and warm coat made by a member. You can see the sleeves are a work in progress.
 Very disappointed in Harry and Meghan and didn't want to read these books but of course curiosity got the better of me and I had to buy them. The library does not have these books.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Anniversary

 2nd June 1953 the Queen was crowned. She is now 94 and this week was seen out riding her horse, a truly amazing woman. I have been working hard on my Teresa Gil 'Queen of the World' cross stitch and enjoying stitching it and thanks to Covid 19 lockdown I have had plenty of time.
 Teresa named her cross stitch after the book by Robert Hardman. I thought it might be hard to buy but then discovered my local library had it on the shelf. I will renew it as much as I can but think I will still buy a copy
 Then heard about a TV show of the same name in the U.K and wondered if it would ever be shown in Australia. Amazingly while deleting lots of my recorded shows I found I had already recorded it months ago. E II R is most definitely Queen of the World.
 Must not forget Prince Philip who will be 99 on the 10th June. Next year on his 100th birthday he will receive a telegram from the Queen. The small cross stitch of Philip I worked a few years ago and is a Sheena Rogers design.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Lowry, Salford and Family

 I love Lowry paintings so when I saw this cross stitch kit I knew I had to stitch it. This is one of his most famous paintings 'Coming From the Mill'. I would love to stitch another of his paintings though perhaps with fewer people. He is famous for his paintings of mills and working class life and lots of people.
 Last year here was a great movie about his life. He was a rent collector by day and lived with his mother in Salford. There is a song I love about him very popular in the 1970's named Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats And Dogs. It is on YouTube.
 Edward VII and Alexandra made a visit to Salford in 1905 and there is the hanky to prove it. On the left is a notebook I bought online from Salford Galleries, just had to have that to match my sampler. I missed the movie of Peterloo last year and haven't watched my DVD yet. Peterloo happened in 1819 and was called after the battle of Waterloo. There was a rally in St Peter's field Manchester to demand political reform against rising poverty. British govt. forces charged into a crowd of over 60,000 killing and injuring many and sparking a nation wide outcry.
 This is the house in Salford my in-laws left in 1912 to come to Sydney. They had 6 children the youngest a boy of a few weeks old. They named the baby Sydney because that's where they were going to start a new life.  Sydney became my father in-law.Their eldest daughter Flo  was 14 years old and already working in a cotton mill. This pic was taken in about 1973 when Mr Linens was on a business trip in he area. The house has long gone now for slum clearance and Salford has become a very expensive area.
Top photo shows Sydney and 2 of his brothers in 1942. After celebrating Sydney's 30th birthday a bit too much they all went off to join the army. After fighting in the Middle East and New Guinea they all returned home safely.
Final photo shows Martha and Joseph celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary in Sydney. 2 more sons were born in Australia making a total of 6 sons and 2 daughters so the Diamond Anniversary was a huge affair.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates her 94th Birthday

 Happy Birthday Ma'am and if I were to be invited to your birthday lunch I think I would wear this dress. I know we are both in lockdown but I can dream. Bought on eBay this dress is expertly made and fully lined and  has never been worn. Love the fabric and no it would not fit me.
 The fabric is sort of Andy Warhol design.
 Similar to the pics in the book I have.
 I've been lucky enough to add a few hand embroidered coronation brooches to my small collection of brooches.
 Today I did a quick trip to he supermarket and could have ( but didn't ) use this nylon shopping bag. It folds up ready for use in the little bag that can be seen at the top of pic. A small portion of my foot can be seen (sorry about that) in bottom of pic.
 Today the post brought supplies so I can start the new Teresa Gil Queen of the World cross stitch. Still to come are the beads and some silver thread. The first stitch will be in today.
While waiting for my parcel to come I have been working hard on my Queen Victoria 200th birthday. Still lots to do but there is no law to prevent me working 2 samplers at the same time.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Captain James Cook Commemorative Tea Cosy and more

 250 years ago this week Captain James Cook sailed into Botany Bay. What better way to celebrate that momentous occasion than with a souvenir tea cosy. Here is Cook with a map or chart in one hand and a telescope in the other. No I did not knit this, it came from Tea Cosy Folk in the U.K. Tea Cosy Folk only make 2 for demonstration I believe then sell the pattern.  They design and knit so many fun patterns, don't usually post to Australia but of course they had to make an exception and send Cook home. Many thanks to Susan at Tea Cosy Folk.
 The back view with hat removed so Cook can show of his wig with bow at the end of his pony tail. You can see he has already made friends with local wildlife.
 Thought I had given up collecting aprons through lack of space then I saw this one. Prince Henry visited Australia in 1934 for the Victorian Centenary celebrations and must have visited Sydney too. Henry was the brother of George VI and later became Governor General of Australia from 1945-1947.
 A close up of the embroidery.
 Had to have this one too with the car fully stitched in. Very pretty.
 I did have one without the car filled but sold it on eBay for more than I paid for the new one.
 And another very pretty George VI coronation tablecloth. This one is unusual because it has 6 matching napkins still with the cloth.
A close up of one corner also shows the very nice hand crocheted edge.

Friday, 10 April 2020

Teresa Gil and Lock Down

 I said on a previous post I would stitch every Royal cross stitch Teresa designed. Then I spotted this one on Etsy, downloaded the chart and can't wait to get started. This is quite a large design, the Queen is wearing a Norman Hartnell gown and the Irish State Coach bought by Queen Victoria in 1852 is in the background. This is the coach the Queen uses for the state opening of Parliament. The title Queen of the world is from a book of the same name by Robert Hartman. Of course I will want the book as well.
 Still in lock down/isolation I can't go to the shops to buy supplies for the new cross stitch and will have to buy on line. Easter will be spent trying to finish my Queen Victoria sampler. Doing backstitch  mostly
 My bedside reading. This book is far far worse than the Ruby Princess and other cruise ships not allowed into the harbour because of the Corona virus. The book is written by the grt grt grandson of the doctor on board and the trip from England to Australia  in 1852 was a nightmare. I went on 2 coastal cruises last year and maybe never again.
 My gym/exercise bike for use when I must take a break from cross stitch.
Or is scrubbing the shower so it looks like new classed as exercise, I think so.
I polished the kitchen sink till it shone, this must count as exercise so now back to my cross stitch.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Charles And Diana Wedding Tapestry

 Another expertly stitched tapestry for that now long ago Royal Wedding. I had never seen this one before and it turned up on eBay, it's a limited edition tapestry and one I had to have in my collection. The seller absolutely for some reason refused to post to Australia. I wasn't even able to send her a begging email. The only connection in the U.K I was able to ask a huge favour of was a seller I had bought lots of very interesting royal items from over many years. This wonderful seller bought the tapestry for me then posted it on to Australia and I can't thank him enough.
 Same seller also covers my parcels with royal U.K stamps so it is always an exciting event when a parcel arrives. Now I have a very interesting collection of stamps some for royal events long gone.
 I stitched the two cat cushions soon after my move, I think they look good on my new lounge and were very easy to stitch. The 2 kits came from Ukraine, great to be able to shop the world with the help of PayPal and eBay. The Punch and Judy cat cushion was made from a panel I collected years ago from the U.K.
 Yes I finished my 125 piece jigsaw, only took about a week so very proud of myself.
Now I could choose my next project from one of these 1000 piece jigsaws but I won't. I chose one opened the lid saw all those tiny pieces and put the top back on the box. Think I will place a note on the box - not to be opened again in my lifetime.