Monday, March 22, 2010

China Cabinet Upheaval

A couple of weeks ago a neighbour was selling her china cabinet. A bargain I had to have! Huge upheaval followed as I tried to find a place for it. The lovely old grandmother clock that belonged to my parents lost it's prime spot near the front door as it stopped working 2 years ago and I hadn't got round to having it fixed.
After dragging it roughly across the floor and standing it on carpet, not tiles, it started to go again and is happily ticking and striking away. All the clock needed was a change of scene. The clock changed places with the small china cabinet I have had for years, which doesn't hold much china at all.

Below is the new cabinet which caused all the fuss but now allows my Royal china to spread out a bit and also fixed the clock-what a bargain.

My very large china cabinet, would love more of this type if I had the space (and money)

My Royal thimbles below. I have collected thimbles for years but the ones next to the clock are not Royal.

Red sky at night - shepherd delight
Red sky in the morning - shepherds warning.
That old saying did not hold true, Saturday's sky was very red and Sunday was a hot, horrible day with hot wind. But it is now the time of year for beautiful sunsets so be prepared to be bored by more. Some boats can be seen on the lake enjoying the sunset and some last minute fishing.

Good idea Emily to hang your tail over the rail to keep it cool. I think Charlotte is trying to tell you a secret, are you listening??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sydney Harbour Bridge Anniversary

Today Sydney Harbour Bridge is 78years old and I,m sure everyone knows what the bridge looks like so I am only showing souvenirs, most from that famous day in 1932. Two small bridge doilies, the top one belonged to my mother.
A small sweet dish with bridge handle. A friend's mother had one of these and I eventually found one for myself in an antique shop.

I'm sure there were lots of aprons, doileys etc with bridge motif around in 1932 and the apron above has had a lot of use.

A never worn apron I have shown on an earlier post but thought it worth another showing on THE day.

Above a slightly different design on this never worked apron.

A cushion and doiley.

A souvenir plate from the 50th anniversary. The bridge was closed to traffic on this day and thousands of people including me walked over it.

75th Anniversary plate. Old photo of course, now there is a tunnel under the harbour, the Opera house has been built and a poular tourist attraction is a bridge climb to the top of the arch.

Bridge souvenir china from 1932.
The big scandal of the opening day in 1932. Jack Lang, Premier of N.S.W was about to cut the opening ribbon when Captain Francis De Groot of the New Guard rode up on a horse and slashed the ribbon with his sword.
De Groot believed a member of the Royal family should open the bridge.
The ribbon was hastily tied together so it could be then cut with scissors.
Wish I'd been there on that exciting day. Anyone wanting to know more about the day can find all on Google.
De Groot was arrested and it was hoped he could be proved insane but he was quietly released a few days later.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lunch Invitation

An invitation to lunch at friend N's house is an occasion not to be missed. The table setting is as good as the food, served in her elegant dining room so today was a real treat for me.
Lunch was chicken breast stuffed with crab and served on potato, top left hand corner is cauliflower. Delicious.

I had started to eat my pavlova with kiwi fruit and passionfruit before I remembered to take a photo. I love pavlova.

The water and the wine.

N's country kitchen where she loves to cook.

The roses in the house are from her garden, these are displayed on a glass topped table showing some of her very interesting collectables.

More pretty roses and two paintings of Australian scenes painted by N.

Another painting by N, this one a scene from her trip to Alice Springs showing 2 majestic gum trees in the foreground.
Yes N loves to cook, entertain, loves gardening and has a beautiful house and also paints. And Me?? well I like to eat and be invited out and I had a very enjoyable day. And I did help with the washing up today, and remember the sandwich I made you when you were last at my house for lunch and me trying to distract you by showing you my cats so you didn't see the weeds in the garden.
Thank for today N. it was perfect. Next time you visit me I will try different sandwich fillings.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doll Club Win

Well Done Ted!! Second prize in 'Bear Wearing Green' section at Doll club yesterday. I think it was the stunning bow on your head and matching green sash that stole the show. Told you no one would notice the blue underwear you were wearing.
As it is St. Patricks day on Wednesday the other section I entered was 'Beer Mug.' The only beer mug I have is this tiny souvenir of Ireland made by Wade. Sent to me years ago by my younger sister when she was touring Ireland and I've always loved the Irish scene pictured. No prizes for this one but I'm always pleased when something I have gets dusted and has a day out.

A welcome visitor on my verandah this morning, this very elegant Egret. I only had one chance at a photo before it flew away so this one was taken through the screen on my bedroom door. Perhaps like me the Egret is waiting for the tide to come back in. I think it must be very high tide somewhere else in the world right now.
Yes! I did have to go out with scrubbing brush and bucket of water when it flew off and clean up before Charlotte and Emily woke up and wanted to go out and stretch their legs.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cats and more Cats

Charlotte wanting to help with the washing.
Emily NOT wanting to help with the washing.

Cousin Ribby ready to go visiting.

Ribby preparing for a visit from Cousin Ribby.

Cat drinking milk bought with my pocket money when I was about 12years old.

Cat salt and pepper sets.

Small cat teapot with fish for spout.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olympic Games Barbie

The one and only genuine Barbie doll I own is this souvenir from the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 bought at Kmart.
Anyone interested in Barbie dolls, not the ones from Kmart but very special Barbies and and a collection of exquisite fashion dolls should visit Tracey's new blog Dollmania's Domain at and be amazed at her collection and photography skills.
Just don't forget to come back to my Royal Collection and Cats, though I happen to know Tracey has a cat too.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Princess Diana and Cat handbag collection

A post devoted to my handbag collection, the Diana bag above is my favourite and was bought at a local bag shop and is the only Diana bag I have used and that was only twice I think.
The Lady Catrina bag has lots of beads, sequins and rhinestones and I love sparkly things. All my cat bags are my everyday bags and get lots of use.

Above is my alltime favourite cat bag, it's had lots of use and now slightly shabby but will never be disposed of.
I was with my daughter when I saw it in a shop and my daughter bought it for me. I think she was afraid I was about to have a tantrum and not leave the shop without the bag. Lots of sparkly bits and beads on the front of the bag.

Only Diana bag bought on ebay this one has a bit of a crease where it was folded for post but I do like the picture on this one.

Three bags above are all Laurel Burch design bags. Some of her bags come with a little wooden cat shape to hang on the bag. Have discovered a local shop which stocks her cat bags and I try not to visit too often.

My least favourite Diana bag as I don't like her hairstyle on this one, it was bought new at a local market.
I know there are more Princess Diana bags out there somewhere so I continue to look. As for cat bags, lots out there and I try hard not to buy them all.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

George VI coronation samplers

Three beautiful hand worked George VI coronation samplers. All ebay purchases and all in the 'just had to have in my collection' category and framed by me and hanging on my wall. The sampler above has a done by hand hem stitched edge and maybe could have been used as a tray cloth or made into a cushion cover. The stitching is perfect, the back looks as good as the front.
Google search on looking after old embroideries told me that there should be spacers between the embroidery and the glass so must find out more about that.
Love the faces of George and Elizabeth on this one, a tapestry worked in wool on canvas. Some stitches are worked in petit point to add detail. Have not seen the back of this one as it came mounted on board and I left it like that to frame.

Interesting sampler signed by N.C. Phillips in the bottom right hand corner. Some of the stitching around the edges where it was worked in 1 strand of thread has worn away and the sampler came in very bad condition with glue stuck to the front and a lot of discolouration. Looks good now and the rest of the stitching looks perfect.
Click on the pics to see more details. Quite a few of my George VI samplers have boats cars or planes on them and one coronation sampler I will show later has warships and planes as in 1937 there would have been talk of war as well as a coronation.

No Emily!!! this is a serious post about my sampler collection, and no I will choose my own library book to read in bed. I've told you before we don't share the same taste in books. Also you are sitting on a George VI tablecloth.
O.K I am so weak when it comes to my girls! which book am I reading tonight??