Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Shibella and Queen Victoria

 Look at this people Fake Grass! I am walking on fake grass! I am at the back of the house where the washing line is and this area was full of huge weeds so what did SHE do? No SHE didn't pull the weeds up SHE threw fake grass over the weeds. Clever or disgusting and horrible? I can't decide.
 Good for sharpening claws so it is a bit useful.
 Oh no! I think the daisies are dead.
 And SHE never puts the hose away. Lucky SHE has me to point out HER many faults.
 Enough Shibella, I need to show the new additions to my collection. This is a length of cotton fabric from Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. The piece I have is about 2m x 40cm wide and is very fragile, I didn't dare wash it in case it fell apart. I am using it as a curtain end and well away from the sun.
 This memorial for Queen Victoria is painted on velvet and the hanging ribbons state Born 1819
Died 1901.
 My Queen Vic. cross stitch is finished and framed.
 I think it looks good in a matching frame with the Queen and corgi.
Love this cartoon. And the winner is? Well I think we all know now.