Monday, April 29, 2013

Kate and William Second Anniversary

 Kate and William's 2nd wedding anniversary today and I almost forgot. How could I? I've rushed around and put a few photos together. First, the balcony scene. I was there and lucky enough to be near the front. The royals on the balcony are looking up at the fly past. A never to be forgotten day.
 I gathered together a few souvenirs I don't think I've shown before. Two jigsaw puzzles. Display only, I have no patience with puzzles so will never do them. Two souvenir tins that once held very nice shortbread biscuits. A small calendar on the left and a sticker book behind the jigsaw on the left. I should have bought 2 sticker books, one to play with and one to keep.
 A plate, one of many sold in London at the time.
Mini cup and saucer bought on ebay.
I am so proud of my cross stitch so it deserves another showing.
Happy Anniversary William and Catherine. I am looking forward to the new baby and more souvenirs to collect and cross stitch to be worked.
PS. I haven't finished the wedding cross stitch yet. So many royal events, so little time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Aprons and Bothy Threads

 Newest apron for my collection shows a very elegant lady standing in front of a smart car. This was a purchase from an Etsy shop and is my new favourite. the lady's suit is filled in with very tiny stitches all hand done. The apron has never been worn, another one finished then packed away for 50 or 60 years. I would love to find the stories behind these aprons. I know some were made to enter country show competitons and display a talent and perhaps win a prize
Another Ebay purchase, this one was described a a child's apron but when I received I saw it is a full adult size. All the embroidery is finished it just needs lace or bias binding round the edge. The apron has been folded and stored for years. The pocket was folded with it and I will sew that on so it will never be lost.
A very unusual apron for my collection.
 Another recent purchase with the dress all filled with tiny stitches. Very pretty and different.
 A pretty apron with a party girl. The stitcher must be a bit like me-took the easy way and didn't fill in the dress with stitches.
 Now to my Bothy Threads. I've finished all the cross stitches and now I've started the backstitch, french knots and a few beads to be added.It's now confession time. I CAN"T DO FRENCH KNOTS. I've had private french knot lessons, been to french knot classes, been to french knot boot camp and read french knots for Dummies and I have given up. French knots on this sampler are mostly the eyes so I just do a few over stitches and look some have their eyes already. No complaints then. For the dot above the letter i I might use a small bead.
 The rest of the Kings and Queens waiting to be finished. I need a few more weeks yet before completion day.
 Question? Does 4 swans make a collection?. I love swans and can't resist buying one now and then. Three of them are early Australian lustre ware and the green one at the back is plastic. I could look out at the lake and see plenty of black swans but I like these coloured ones.
 I even have a swan apron in my collection with a lady wearing a very pretty dress and hat feeding the swan.
It is illegal to feed seabirds here but I won't tell apron lady and spoil her day.

Charlotte just woke up from one of her long naps and insisted on being in the last pic. Just in time Charlotte, I'm all finished.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Big Day Out Sydney Opera House

 Here I am at Circular Quay station on my way to a concert at the Opera House. The famous bridge, opened in 1932 is on the left and the Opera house on the right. No cruise ships in today, they are moored just on the left in front of the bridge. The city is behind me.
Now I am in front of the Opera house but didn't climb all those steps. The Opera house is 40 years old this year. It was opened by the Queen in 1973.
 I went underneath and climbed all these steps up to the main concert hall. I'm sure there is a lift somewhere, I haven't found it yet. And I would like red carpet on all those concrete steps.
 The side of the Opera House where I came out at the end of the concert. Then it started to rain but there is plenty of shelter back to the station.
 This is the concert I went to hear. Played by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The Water Music was written for George I and played by 50 musicians on a barge on the Thames while George and his entourage floated down the river on another barge. For a while I was able to close my eyes and imagine I was trying to push my way through the crowd to see the king and hear the music played at that river party on the 17th July 1717. Wonderful.
 Some buskers on the walk to the Opera house.
 I put some money in the tin. Next thing I know I am sitting on the kangaroo skin (poor kangaroo) banging some sticks together and a passing tourist was handed my camera and told to take my photo. I am laughing because busker on the left told me "you are so pretty". A lot of fun.
 Next busker is holding up 2 fingers meaning I must pay $2 to take a photo of him playing a didgeridoo. These buskers are very firm that you must pay for photos snapped.
Look to the left and under the bridge and you will see the famous Luna Park. Opened in the 1930's still a popular place to visit.