Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Ted and Me Share Fame in the Movies

 Yes, we are in the movie. Big Ted and I have shared a lot over many years and now we share a movie. Only for a few minutes but fame is fame and we are pleased. Ted is in because of the child's Royal Visit 1954 T shirt  she is wearing. I am in showing a couple of souvenirs from 1954. You deserve the diamond! necklace and ear rings you wearing. Well Done Big Ted.
 I am seen  in the movie holding and talking about my Royal Tour Surf Carnival ticket from 1954. Held at Bondi Beach the Queen attended. I was there with my sister.
A tea cosy I knitted is seen in the movie when I pour a cup of tea.
 To my shame when the camera crew were here they put these glasses up to photograph and I hadn't dusted them. I think the cameraman used his shirt tail as a duster. But the glasses can be seen in the movie.
 I can be seen talking about this sampler from 1954.
 This banner is not in the movie but I took it to the Premiere just to show off a bit.
I had a wonderful trip to Canberra and the movie is a 'must see'.
Not because I am in it only for a very short time but because of all the old film footage from 1954. Australia was a different place then and almost the whole population tried to get a glimpse of the Queen somewhere. And the Queen worked so hard to admire everything we had to show. The museum in Canberra has the original Daimler the Queen used in 1954 and is raising money to restore it to it's former glory.
The movie is called "When the Queen Came to Town". I think it is in cinemas this weekend.
 Now to 1937 and a beautiful and I think rare  embroidered sampler from the Coronation of George VI. The sampler shows animals from the Empire. The kangaroo is just below the G. Another one I am very lucky to have in my collection.
Another addition to my collection, this one is for the Coronation 1953. Strange how some samplers like this one come with no spare fabric around them which can make framing difficult. Others come as if they have been stitched in the middle of a sheet and I have to cut away spare fabric.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Teresa Gill Queen Cross Stitch Update and More

Concentrating on beading and backstitch on the skirt now. Finding lots of missed stitches as I go. I thought the bouquet the Queen is holding might be difficult but not at all. I hope to finish and have my challenge framed within 3 months. The pressure is on.
 Waiting in the queue to be stitched next is this kit of William and Kate in their wedding outfits. Another large cross stitch but not as detailed as the Queen. The kit is from Designs in Thread from the U.K and I'm pleased to see the aida cloth is good quality and not that cheap stiff stuff.
 Two new Coronation samplers from eBay. Originally cushion covers but I think they deserve to be framed and hung on the wall.When I find a space that is. Both beautifully hand embroidered.

Another eBay bargain for my apron collection. I've seen this apron before in black but it went way above my budget. Lady holding a bunch of wildflowers and looking at a kookaburra

 Now I might be a star in this movie or my role might have hit the cutting room floor, I will find out next week.
It is now 60 years this year since the Queen first set foot in Australia. The first reigning monarch to do so. The movie was made to celebrate that event and I had a film crew come to my house to interview me and film my collection. I will travel to Canberra next week for the Premiere at the National Museum. After the movie there will be afternoon tea and it is hoped guests will dress in something royal.
No, they won't be sending a stretch limo. or rolling out the red carpet for me and I had to buy my own ticket for the event. My journey will be by coach and train and involves an overnight stay in a hotel.
The movie will be released in cinemas later this month.
Charlotte wants to let everyone know she is hibernating for the winter and will see you next spring. She is 19 yrs. old remember and needs her rest.