Sunday, November 11, 2012

Trouble and Drama in my Blogland Paradise

On Wednesday afternoon I tripped on the handles of my new cat bag which was on the floor. I fell heavily on the tiles and shattered my left elbow. I arrived home last night after time spent in emergency, then surgery. My elbow has been screwed back in place and I now have a sort of half plaster cast and tight bandages and am not in too much pain now. Emily is giving what comfort she can -please don't dribble on me Emily, Charlotte came along later to give more comfort.
This is the culprit bag! though I know it was my fault for leaving it on the floor. For 6 weeks I will be in plaster and unabe to drive and everything else is going to be a nuisance to do but on the bright side I didn't break a hip or leg.
Emergency ward was full of young men with sports injuries or who had fallen off  a motorbike.I was the silly granny who had fallen over her cat bag so it did get a bit of a laugh. So when you have finished laughing send me lots of sympathy please.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Embroidered Apron EllynAnne Geisel and a Siege

This beautiful hand embroidered apron is the latest in my apron collection. It's an ebay bargain from Victoria, possibly dating from the forties or fifties. Unlike some of my aprons this one has been worn and enjoyed but still in almost perfect condition.
The back is as good as the front, there must be hours of work and thousands of stitches in this masterpiece.
My local bookshop ( yes a cheap one opened up after all the others went broke and left town ) had these books on special last week and they are very interesting. EllynAnne Geisel is an apron expert, an American who does tours and lectures about aprons. A google search will find her.
November 21st is Tie One On Day, meaning tie on an apron. Well that's in America but should I be brave and wear one of my aprons on the 21st and start an Australian trend? Trouble is 21st is a Wednesday, a busy day for me and I'm out a lot..... I'll think about it.
Remember a few months ago when I was headline news pictured here pouring a cup of tea for the Queen then flying off to London for Jubilee celebrations?
Times have changed and here is today's headline. I was about to head off to my local shopping centre yesterday because I'd had a brilliant inspiration about how to display my aprons and needed a trip to BigW. Lucky I heard the new before I left home. My great new apron idea had to wait, I went to BigW today and will be able to show my display soon.
Today is Melbourne Cup day, that's why there is a horse also on the front page.
PS, the two gunmen are still at large, one female accomplice has been captured. Can't imagine what the gunmen were looking for this is a quiet area with not much money around.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

John Clayton Cross Stitch QUEEN Finished

My John Clayton Queen Diamond Jubilee cross stitch is finished and framed. I am so pleased with the result, there is a lot of work in this sampler but it was not difficult to stitch. The frame is only an inexpensive one but the best I could find. I am always on the lookout for better frames for my samplers. I now put my full name on all my work, always hoping in 100 years people will be searching the internet or whatever is used in 100 years for my work.
The back of my work is not too bad as I am always thinking of my 100 year rule and don't want the back of my work critised by yet be born collectors.
 A temporary spot has been found on the wall which means another sampler had to come down and is searching for wall space. The Queen is the 7th Diamond Jubilee sampler I have stitched and I still have more waiting to be stitched. I would like to group them all together so soon there will be a HUGE wall upheaval.
This is a very unusual sampler I bought from Jan at fabriquefantastique. Jan has an etsy shop and a blog, you will find her if you do a google search as I don't seem able to do links at the moment. Not sure which king it was meant for and is a Canadian sampler with a maple leaf at the top. I'm hoping to squeeze in a tiny kangaroo and emu each side of the maple leaf to make it a bit Australian. I have already starting the stitching as it came in the post just as I had finished the Queen and so it was able to jump the stitching queue, hope to show it finished before too long. The sampler came with a small Westminster Abbey picture but I think that one will be in my stash for a while.
Thanks Jan, I love my purchases and thanks to Gina in Victoria who told me about them.