Sunday, May 18, 2014

Patsy's New Clothes A Saunette and Other Strange Items

 Here is Patsy in the smart new outfit I bought for her on eBay. I added the little stand up collar and lent her some jewels to wear. The red tinsel stains are now hidden but a comment on my previous post recommended Clearasil for the stains and I will try that. Sadly Patsy's eyes have suffered a bit over the years.
 Found this pic. on Google and this is exactly how I received my Patsy for Christmas 1952. Unfortunately I lost the name of the person who owns this pic. and can't find it again. I think you are a doll expert in the U.K. If this pic. is yours please let me know so I can credit you.
 I was watching one of those American shows and they were making fun of the shopping channel and some of the strange items to be bought. Then they talked about the Saunette. So it must be back. My mother had one and here is an add on the back of 'New Idea' magazine November 1965. Look at the list of ailments it can cure. Decimal currency came here in 1966 so the price is in old money. Daughter S has the magazine and brought it with her on Mother's day last Sunday.
 And here is my mother in her very own Saunette in March 1966. Did mum see the add and wanted one? She did like gadgets. And what happened to it, did it cure whatever mum bought it for? I can't remember now. Strange how a topic can be seen on TV and it brings back such memories. Mum died long ago so I will never know what happened to her Saunette.
 Many years ago I had an Aunt who lived in another state and always sent such strange gifts. One birthday she sent this box and I fell in love with it. It's an old cigar box painted and lined with pretty fabric. DaughterS had it for years and brought it back on Mother's day. Inside was a paper blouse I had made but not finished at high school many years ago. I remember we had to draft a pattern, then cut it out out and make it in paper. I hated doing this and I have never drafted another pattern in my life. My mark for this was 13/20, surprising as I didn't finish it and the other sleeve still has the original pins rusted in. Wish I had been taught something more useful in high school.
Another doll house. I was donating stuff at the back of the Salvos when I spotted this and asked why it was tossed in a corner with old junk. Was told it was being thrown out. Shock!! Horror!! it was only dirty and they were throwing it out! I gave a couple of dollars for it and the house was placed in my car. The doll house is solid wood and a perfect 1/12 scale and will have a new life when papered, painted and carpeted. The Salvos might get it back when I have finished with it though I don't think they deserve it. I don't think I have space to keep it.
Bought this old Coronation transfer on eBay and took a week off from my Teresa Gil Queen to stitch it. Was lucky enough to find a round frame at the markets and a space on the wall.