Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Royal Baby News and lots More

 Great news from the Palace, I'm sure this baby will equal Prince George in being so cute.
 Charlotte shares my excitement.
 There will be more samplers to stitch and souvenirs to collect for the new baby. Meanwhile I have taken on a huge stitching challenge. William and Kate in their wedding clothes. This will take me a year or two to finish and there will be more baby samplers to stitch. Charlotte I wish you could sew and help me.
 Beautiful new apron arrived today for my collection. Hand embroidered of course. I think this is the one I will choose to wear on 'Tie One on Day' ( an apron I mean) November 26th.
 An interesting scarf is now in my collection, made for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria it shows a lot of detail about her family and the highlights of her reign. On the 9th September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II will pass Victoria's record reign
 I know the house is becoming a bit crowded Charlotte but the swans stay. Don't worry I will find space for new Royal Baby souvenirs.
 Went to a cat show on Sunday. The judge has declared this British Blue a winner.
Oh No. Shock Horror. I think a flea was found on this cat. The shame of it all. Will the owner ever recover. I think the cat is receiving counselling to cope with the disgrace. Cat and owner will never be able to show their faces in public again. But I still love you White cat.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Coronation 1937 and Apron Embroideries

 Life is a bit stressful and busy right now and not much blogging is being done but I must show a few new treasures in my collections. This beautiful Coronation 1937 cushion cover arrived today. I have framed it but it is still a cushion cover, the excess fabric is taped to the back of the frame. I think it will display much better on the wall. When I find space for it that is.
 From the same seller this pretty apron. A bit like Bo Peep looking for her sheep.
 Another lovely apron in striking colours, both aprons expertly embroidered.
 This eBay apron advertised as 'quirky' and it is that. An old apron but someone at a later stage has edged it with black nylon lace. An interesting addition to my apron collection.
 Went to my craft group today and found I had won this very pretty and warm rug crocheted by a clever member who produces a lot of these rugs for raffle prizes.
 I had to move a display of 'royal' bears from this table so Charlotte could have her bed there on a day with no sun. The hot air from the air cond. comes right down on the spot where she is sitting.
Charlotte and I were admiring this rainbow from the back door and while we were arguing about which one of us us should go and pick up the pot of gold rumoured to be at the end of every rainbow it disappeared.
Your fault Charlotte.