Monday, February 27, 2017

1953 Coronation Party Dress 1937 Coronation Apron and More

 Another dress made from Coronation fabric in 1953. This dress is made from cotton fabric, has no label so might have been stitched by a home sewer or local dressmaker. The belt is missing though there are keepers for a belt at the sides. The dress has 2 pockets so I have placed a Coronation hanky in one and a Queen brooch on the shoulder. There are cap sleeves and gathers over the bust and a side zip.
 And a full circle skirt. I might have been able to make a belt from the hem but the hem has been stitched right on the edge. So did this dress go to a coronation party? I will never know.
 A close up of the fabric.
 This is me a few years after the Coronation and I am wearing a dress of almost identical design. I made this dress and I know it had a full circle skirt and a 2 inch hem. According to my late mother a full circle or flared skirt should hang for a week before hemming then have a large hem so the skirt would hang properly. Wish I had a colour photo of this dress as it was in pretty rainbow colours with sparkles and I am wearing silver sandals ready to go dancing.
 Another lucky/amazing find on eBay. Coronation apron from 1937 with George VI and Elizabeth and I was the only bidder. Sometimes I can't believe my luck when I find an item like this which spans 2 of my collections. Royalty and Aprons.
 A friend took me for a picnic to Woronora Dam on Sunday. The dam is south of Sydney.
When it was time for our picnic lunch friend produced this mug for my tea. I think my Royal Reputation is spreading.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shibella's Thirteenth Birthday

 Yes it's true today I am thirteen years old. I am looking a bit startled here because SHE remembered my birthday. Last year SHE forgot to remember.
 My eyes are still my best feature and I think I look very good for my age.
 Looking a bit tired here because I am ready for my afternoon sleep.
 We both like the same side of the bed so SHE sleeps this side at night and I sleep here in the day. A bit like Box and Cox. (Google them if you don't know the story) We might rent out the other side of the bed as it is never used.
 This is a handy hint for those very hot days we are having. Sleep under the bed! I find it a little bit cooler down here and am trying to get HER to join me. No luck so far.
I know the postman has been I will look at my card when I've finished eating. I bet It's from that blue budgerigar I met once and never managed to get close to. What a cheek!!