Thursday, August 11, 2016

Shibella Writes Another Post

 SHE had a birthday this week and can you believe the gift SHE got!! HER children paid a plumber to put a tap in the courtyard because SHE is too lazy to drag the hose around from the front or back of the house and plants were begging for water.
 Trudge, Trudge. I was ready for a sleep but was made to inspect the hose and just watered plants.
 Now I am expected to stop and smell the roses. Roses???
 There must be a way out of here, if I look hard enough I will find it. Too bad I'm not one of those cats who can leap tall fences in a single bound.
 Wish SHE would do more knitting so I could have a sleep. SHE has plenty of Queen patterns to keep HER busy.
A posy of sweet peas from daughter's garden and a perfect card. That girl will go far in HER good books. I gave HER nothing as SHE has me so what else could SHE possibly want??