Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vintage Cars and Picnics

 Yesterday was a Vintage Car Club picnic at Sublime Point lookout. I wasn't sure which car J. would collect me in so this one was a very nice surprise and I have been promised a ride with the top down next summer. The car is a 1963 Austin Healey Sprite and as usual with vintage cars has no safety features at all so it was a tiny bit scary going up Mt Ousley with the big trucks but a lot of fun too. The yellow car next to it is a 1963 Mercedes.
 The view from the top. The lake where I live is somewhere in the top right hand corner.
 We were almost tempted to take a bush walk but as it started to go down hill and we knew we would have to walk up hill on the way back we gave up.
 Went for picnic in this 1922 Dodge car a couple of weeks ago. I loved it as people looked and waved as we drove along and I waved back just like the Royal Lady I am. When we stopped people came up to take photos of the car and talk to J. about it. J restored the car himself and has an album of photos to show his progress. We didn't drive too far that day and sadly I forgot my camera so have no pics. of the picnic area.
 The back of the car all polished up. I always wait to be helped out of these cars like the lady I pretend to be as the door might be tricky or fall off or worse I might fall out and end up spreadeagled on the grass.
But wait!! have I been in that car before? No I don't think so, This is my father's car on another bush picnic. I have a feeling it was or still was my grandfather's car. J. was unable to identify the make of car but J is sure it is not a Dodge like his.
There are still more cars in his collection so who knows which car I will be collected in next.
Watch this space