Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Vintage Holden Picnic and Wildlife

 To prove I do have a life apart from Royals and Cats I was taken on a picnic yesterday in a vintage car. This is a 1958 Holden station wagon. Registered as a vintage car it has no seat belts, no airbags, no air con. and bench seats but still a comfortable ride.
Friend J has a stable full of vintage cars some dating from the 1920s so I might have been taken in an older car but I had a large back tooth removed 2 days prior and though that went well I have a massive bruise on my face so had to be treated a bit gently and not bounced around in a very draughty old car.
 The picnic area we went to is not far from my home but I had never been there before. There were ducks.
 And a lizard on a tree stump.
The area is named after an Olympic rower who lived locally.
More wildlife. This is grandson A's rescue budgie. Found in the bush opposite A's home and being eyed off as lunch by larger birds this lucky budgie has found a good home after efforts were made to find his original owner. A had a budgie who died of old age only weeks before this one was rescued so there was a cage ready and waiting but as you can see this lucky bird has lots of fly around the house time too