Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kangaroos for Rosie

This post is for a little cat named Rosie who lives in Belgium with Gattina at "My Cats and Funny Stories". Rosie has a toy kangaroo to play with so I thought I would show her a couple of my kangaroo items. Rosie also lives with the very famous Arthur, Pookie and Kim. The latest apron in my apron collection is hand embroidered with kangaroos and gumnuts and leaves.
I bought this part embroidered large tablecloth and hope to finish it one day. The crown crocheted edge had already been completed. The cloth shows British, Australian and New Zealand symbols so I think it is from the Royal Visit in 1954.
The small kangaroo jug was bought at an op. shop and has 'made in czechoslovakia' on the base and sprigs of wattle on the back.

If I live for another 100 years I might embroider this cushion cover but with my evergrowing TO DO list this seems very unlikely.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank You to Charlotte and Emily

WARNING!! This post may contain offensive (to some-but not me) cat behaviour and images of an unmade bed.. I am back in blogland after a few days on my sick bed. Here I must give a big Thank You to Charlotte and Emily for looking after me so well.
I don't even like Vegemite very much but for some reason that is what I craved spread on dry toast. Charlotte wanted to do a taste test on my toast but then accepted her own little taste on a saucer and gave her approval.
Emily was a concerned about the Saos.

I called for a new plate of Saos so Emily could lick and sniff the first two until she was satisfied a Sao would do me no harm.

So I'm on my sick bed looking around at all the pretty things in my room and thinking I might survive after all when I saw IT. That fan is filthy!! could even fall on me with the weight of dust, dirt, salt from the Lake and a fair amount of cat fur. Charlotte and Emily refuse to get up a ladder and clean it, they say it's not in their contract. First I've heard they have a contract, I think they are taking advantage of my weak state.

I can't complain as the girls have been so good to me and not left me alone for a minute. They've taken over my hot water bottle so I won't get too hot, forced me to rest on the very edge of the bed so it is easier for me to get out of bed and insisted on getting between my eyes and my library book so I don't suffer eye strain.

My sick bed reading. I mostly prefer English authors and I know Margaret Forster's new book won't dissapoint but I have been enjoying Jodi Piccoult's latest and must look for more of her books. I am so lucky to live in an area with such good libraries.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Royal Headline

Headline in this weeks International Express. Well that is perhaps good news if royal memorobillia will become cheaper, and now I only collect the more unusual items and hand embroidered royal samplers, tablecloths and doileys.
Pictured with her very large royal collection is Margaret Tyler of Wembley, a suburb of London. I visited Margaret in Wembley 3 years ago and her collection is amazing. She has over 10,000 items, impossible to see everything in one visit so I hope I can go again.
I have seen two collections far superior to mine but I think I have more embroidered items in mine, I could be wrong as I am easily dazzled by other royal collections.

Two days before I read that headline the picture above of GeorgeVI fell of the wall. Was that a warning of the royal collectible crisis?
I was sitting with Charlotte and Emily and we were watching the news when there was a terrible crash and the sound of breaking glass that seemed to go on forever. I thought a brick had been thrown through the window and was afraid to lookThe picture had fallen forward when the rusty hook holding the wire came away from the old wooden frame, then hit the metal end of the Diana bed and shattered. Lucky nothing else was broken on the way down and the King is now back on the wall minus the glass.

I didn't think there could be so much glass in one frame and these were only the larger chunks, there were also tiny tiny slivers everywhere. Emily likes to sleep on that bed but she was with me at the time, although both girls wanted to help with the cleaning up, it was hard to keep them out of the room as it has double sliding doors and Emily can open the doors easily.
Now I'm wondering if I should take the glass out of everything on the wall before there is another far worse disaster.

I try not to buy more royal china and the headline above will make me bargain harder when I do buy. This royal wedding plate was an unusual enough bargain, It's Royal Copenhagen china made in Denmark and I think very pretty.

Not the Royal Collection but I do love kitsch and swans and pretty things, the swan was a market bargain and the pretty 'made in England vase an op shop buy.

Now I could not resist this Koala jug, made in China, I found it in an antique shop yesterday. Does this prove I have no taste but just love THINGS?? Especially when they are bargains.