Thursday, February 27, 2014

Royal Commemorative Embroideries

 Lots of luck on eBay lately has allowed me to add some beautiful samplers and embroideries to my collection. This sampler celebrates the birth of Prince William in 1982. Love the colours and the stitcher's name has been added.
 A sampler to celebrate the marriage of the Queen and Prince Philip in 1947 with a verse by Patience Strong. I have the iron on transfer for this sampler but I would never have been able to stitch so expertly.
This sampler has the initials EVS stitch into the base.
PS. have just found our that this wedding sampler is a Royal School of Needlework design available to readers of Woman's Own Magazine.
 A Coronation calendar stitched for the Coronation of Edward VIII 1937, you can see his initials in May.
This sampler came badly water stained and for some reason I have been nervous about washing it. Some of my samplers are a bit rare and I'd hate to lose one in the wash.
 A tablecloth stitched for Edward VIII All those woman stitching for the new King and then he abdicated, Were they annoyed, did they sigh and then pick up their needles and start stitching for GeorgeVI ?
This tablecloth has had a lot of use and the cloth is a bit thin and even has a small darn in one corner.
 A sampler for the Silver Jubilee in 1935 of George V and Queen Mary. Very unusual and interesting with lots of themes from different countries and their children are also stitched in.
 The samplers above and below are in the same style of the Abdication sampler I have shown before.
A sampler for the Coronation of George VI and it is NOT mine But I want it and must have it somehow.
I found it when I was browsing Google images and now I can't find it again. I think someone in Wales has it. Elizabeth and Margaret are stitched. There must be more than one of these samplers in the world. If anyone sights one in any country please let me know. Blog followers, watchers, lurkers anyone at all please let me know if you spot this sampler.

Friday, February 21, 2014

And The Stack Came Down

 Not sure if I should cheer or cry when the Port Kembla copper smelter stack came down. At almost 200 mtrs tall it could be seen for miles around and no one could be lost at land or sea if they could see the stack. It has not been in use for some years and there was hope that it could somehow be used as a tourist attraction.
I could see the stack from my house so sat outside for over 2 hours harldly daring to blink in case I missed the stacks last moments. There was a delay in the timing as 2 people refused to leave their house in the exclusion zone. Though all residents in the zone were entertained in a nearby club and I think there was a drop in centre for pets.
 When the stack was built 50 years ago Port Kembla steel works and copper smelter was in it's heyday and migrants from all over the world as well as locals found employment here. But things change
 Streets around were crowded as everyone wanted to take last photos of the iconic stack.
 All went to plan.
 No more stack. Police on horseback patrolling to make sure no one tried any last minute heroics to save the stack.
 There was a streaker of course. You can see him just to the right of the interviewer. His lack of pants covered by a black blob.
And a politician having his tweet.
Now the souvenir T shirts are on sale and I want one. There is also talk of pieces of the stack being sold as souvenirs. I think I have space in my home for a piece of dusty concrete.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Charlotte Celebrates her 19th Birthday

 My beautiful Birman girl Charlotte celebrates her birthday wearing her new cloak. Direct orders from The Palace have confirmed her new status as Princess. Not only as a reward for her longevity but her services to humanity (me). Princess Charlotte will now only answer to her full title For her next birthday I think she is in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Princess Charlotte is inspecting one of her many birthday cards while wearing her new diamond crown.
The Princess enjoys very good  health, can still jump on the bed to sleep and The Veteran Birman Club in the U.K has been told of her new status. The Birman club has some Birmans listed at 23 yrs old so I think we will have a few years together yet Pr. Charlotte.
Pr. Charlotte if the time comes and you can't jump on the bed I will saw the legs off and we will both sleep on the floor.
This is the first birthday the Princess has celebrated without her sister Emily so while we celebrate we will take a few moments to remember Emily.