Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wall Space Urgently Needed

The Diamond Jubilee is here, I am stitching as fast as I can and now I am going to need more wall space to display my treasures. That air con. is taking up space-this summer hasn't been very hot!! but no I'd better keep it. Charlotte and Emily sometimes need it on.

Do I really need double doors leading into the Diana room? No, I have a builder coming to give me a quote to build a wall so there will only be 1 door into that room.

I think I have a new space for all flags and posters.

Son D is taking this hall stand but if he changes his mind I might cut the top off to release the space behind it. I have a bit of a reputation for turning bits of furniture into something else.

Look at all this wasted space. Flags and posters can go here. I will need a tall ladder and someone on standby to dial 000 when I fall off.

The door that Charlotte is walking through was a window a few years ago and now I have 5 doors to the outside. So you can see I do like to change things a bit but I would never have a wall knocked down. I am looking around to see if there is space to build a wall.

Any suggestions welcome.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

GeorgeVI Embroidered Sampler and Doll Club Win

This rare GeorgeVI embroidery came as a gift for me. From Margaret K, it came in Charlotte and Emily's birthday parcel, the note inside read 'was going to throw this out but then thought you might be interested'. Expertly embroidered and look at that beautiful crown crocheted edge.
I think it is a tray cloth but I have framed it to keep it safe for many more years to come.
Thank you Margaret, I am very interested.
I always put thin padding behind my framed embroideries to stop the stitching being flattened too much.

A similar design in tapestry wool on canvas, I think the design might have appeared on many different items.

A bit the same, this one is machine woven with the addition of warships and helicopters as war in Europe must already have been a possibility. I might have shown this one before but I think it's worth another showing. It came from the U.K in the original frame but no glass.

Another one, this time embroidered on linen and has E.R in the centre. This was done for EdwardVIII who then abdicated. How annoying for all those needlewomen who had just finished their ER samplers, then had to do it all again with GR.

Doll club day yesterday and one section to enter was 'A bear wearing a hat'. I bought the Queen Mother a new flower and feathers for her hat and of course she won first prize certificate. Well done QM and now I must hide that hat from Charlotte as we know she won't leave it alone.

This sweet little guardsman figurine was given to me by a Doll Club member for my collection. She only knows it is very old but has no markings on the base. It has the look of Mabel Lucie Atwell's work and was possibly made about the time of the 1937 coronation.

Does anyone know more about it??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charlotte and Emily's Seventeenth Birthday

I had just published this important birthday post when a parcel arrived from Charlotte and Emily's Aunt Margaret K. and cousin Galina so I've added this photo. I should have known they wouldn't forget such an important day. Charlotte is asleep, Emily has opened her gift and is now thinking about it. Yes, you do like it Emily and look at the lovely card Galina made for you with her picture on it.
Galina is the Russian Blue on the right. The girls also received a card from more family members.
I am very lucky as Margaret also included a very special and amazing gift for me, it will be on my next post and I am very excited about it. Emily is excited about her gift but I am even more excited.

Can you beleive it?? Yes! my beautiful girls are 17 today. Happy Birthday Charlotte and Emily. Here they are greeting their cake with great enthusiasm, delight and excitement.

All these photos were taken today so you can see how good the girls look at 17.

You still have a beautiful profile Emily, I think we all need more of your beauty tips.

Charlotte is checking to make sure I haven't dumped her from my screen saver and replaced her with a picture of the Queen or even a grandson or two.

Charlotte is completing her favourite form of exercise. I have three doors opening onto the verandah facing the lake. Charlotte likes to choose a door, usually one that's closed so I have to open it, then walk along the verandah and around the corner of the house,

I run through the house and open the side door and Charlotte walks in. That way we both have exercise.

Here the Birthday Girls are sharing a drink. Their little fountain expired but they still like to drink from the base. I have three water dishes around the house for them as I want them to drink lots of water and remain healthy.

Charlotte and Emily have been with me for 4yrs. 6yrs ago my himalayan cat died age 16 and I thought I could never have another cat. After 2 yrs I starting to think maybe I could and had just started looking for a suitable cat. My criteria; an older desexed female indoor cat. I wasn't thinking about 2 cats. Then I heard about Charlotte and Emily and just knew they were meant for me. I rang the number, tried to sound like a loving, experienced and knowlegable cat lady and I was chosen to take my girls home. It was love at first sight, on my part anyway. Charlotte and Emily took a few hours longer. When they realised they could sleep on or in my bed, there would be good food, spotless litter trays and all whims catered for, then they decided I was OK.

A big Thank You to Margaret K for allowing me to take over and love your sister's girls.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Day

February 6th 1952. George VI died and the long reign of ElizabethII began. A headline from the International Express this week.

Overnight Princess Elizabeth became Queen. Elizabeth and Phillip were on their way to Australia and had to return home for the funeral and the Coronation in 1953.

Women around the world picked up needle and thread and started to embroider souvenirs. Large tablecloths to handkerchiefs and beautiful samplers were all embroidered with varying levels of skill.

The sampler above has a matching tablecloth and I missed out on the matching tea cosy on ebay.

Magazines all had something to stitch for the coronation. Embroidery transfers could be bought or came free with a magazine so you could design you own royal sampler, make a brooch or stitch a crown on your underwear.

I already had the magazine on the left then found the tapestry finished on ebay. The back of the tapestry has a sticker 'Worked by Marion Chaplin 1953 for Coronation of ElizabethII'.

Thank you Marion wherever you are now, your tapestry has found a good home.

Many different types of china appeared in the shops for sale. Pens and pencils, matchbox cover for a patriotic smoker and a powder compact. The small book is a New Testament given to schoolchilren.

Three different types of tablecloth, perhaps for the non-embroiderers. Lace, oilcloth and damask. The damask cloth also has Charles, Anne and Prince Phillip embossed.

8th February is another very BIG day for me. Watch this space!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Tapestry from Tempest

Love this new Diamond Jubilee cushion design from Catherine at http://www.tempesttapestry.co.uk/. It can be bought as a kit or an easy to follow chart.

I have the chart and both DMC and Anchor wools are listed though the Anchor colours are recommended and having seen both I agree. I had trouble finding Anchor but after a google search I found Marguerite at http://www.embroideryden.com.au/ in Victoria, phoned in my order and the wools were posted the same day. I have made a start on the cushion and will get back to stitching as soon as I finish this post.
The cushion also comes in a smaller size.

The latest Riverdrift House kit arrived in the post this morning. Amanda at http://www.riverdrifthouse.co.uk/ has more in the same series still to be released. I've almost finished the first one.

I'm starting to have visions of all my Jubilee stitching pushing and shoving in a long queue screaming 'stitch ME, no I was first stitch Me, no Me Me what about Me, you promised I was first'. When I do make a decision and pick up my stitching that's when Charlotte or Emily want to lap sit for a while and nothing gets done.

I did manage to leave cats and stitching for a trip to the local Antique Fair and found this small Royal Visit plate from the cancelled visit 1949.I bought the milk jug and sugar bowl from ebay a few years ago and maybe if I search long and hard enough I will have a complete teaset.

From the same fair I bought this 'Royal Souvenir Casket' well that's what it states on the lid but I would call it a biscuit barrel or if I was American, a cookie jar. A casket reminds me of something to keep ashes in.

On the other side of the casket/barrel is Queen Elizabeth. I think it's a very nice 1937 Coronation addition to my collection.

Nothing to do with stitching or royals, I want to show these pretty brooches. The one on the left I bought at an op shop this week at only $1.50, so cheap and pretty I couldn't leave it behind.

On a tour of Scotland about 12yrs ago I looked for a souvenir brooch to buy. Didn't find one I liked so bought the one on the right on ebay.

The middle brooch is the one I wear all the time because I love cats and sun dials. I bought it in York in the U.K.

No, I do not have a brooch collection.!!