Friday, December 18, 2015

Teresa Gil Update and Shibella

 I have finished the cross stitch on my Longest Reign sampler except for the gold and silver threads which I will stitch last. I have started on the back stitch so still a fair way to go. The beads and letters will finish this project. The Queen's face is finished because I don't like unfinished faces.  No problems stitching this sampler and love the colours.
 Shibella has been such a big help and I couldn't have managed without her. Here she is holding my chart steady and watching for mistakes.
 Now Shibella is looking annoyed because I put needle and thread down for a quick bathroom break. Shibella is not a lap cat but always sits on the arm of my chair while I sew-or knit.
 I have the urge now and then to knit even though I rarely finish any knitting I start. I am knitting this bed cape from a 1933 book. It looks a bit like an apron and I think it's knitted sideways. I am using 5ply wool and 4mm needles. the pattern calls for finer wool and needles but this is not 1933 and I do have other things in my life.
This is the book, full of lacy bed jackets. I am knitting the easiest one
 Another bargain brand new from the Salvation Army shop. A very pretty apron labelled Asiana Airlines.
A member of cabin crew wearing the apron and looking so pretty Oh how I love my Salvo bargains!