Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charlotte and Emily Taking Over

Still waiting to show off my new London bed linen but Charlotte and Emily have taken over, again.
Am I the only one who has to move cats and brush my bed before I can get into it?? Well I'm sure I'm not.
I don't want to strain the friendship with blogger so this is a one pic. post.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Carrying on with Emily's Help

Emily would like everyone in blogland to know that I am not keeping calm but I am carrying on, A LOT.
I am having serious computer problems, every time I try to send an email, my computer shuts downs. When I look at some of my favourite blogs the pics won't load. I am waiting for a family member to visit and sort me out. I know I spend lots on my collection but then I am too mean to pay to have my computer fixed so the pressure is on my family. Meanwhile I will carry on and on and on etc.

Last week my local op shop had a 50% off day. I bought this clock, not 50% off as it was new but a bargain anyway and I love it.

I can't beleive this!! I had a very nice pic of my new London bedding bought on special Spotlight last week but that pic has gone. All I have to show is Emily dissapearing under my new doona cover because she has had ENOUGH of me.
The cover shows the no.9 bus, my favourite as that is the one I caught to The Royal Albert Hall last June for the Diamond Jubilee concert staring Russell Watson.
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And here is the very bus I was on with the Albert Hall in the background. Well blogger is only allowing me 4 pics, the others must be in cyber space somewhere so I will keep this post a bit short and go and do more carrying on and on and on etc. etc.Add caption

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Queen Mother Sampler and A Mixed Post

 A lovely sampler I hadn't seen before arrived from eBay this week. The words are taken from the Queen Mother's  funeral service. Click on the pic to enlarge to read the words a bit better. The friendly seller Anna Pearson also designs and writes books about cross stitch.
Not a Royal sampler but one I had to have anyway. This one commemorates the Festival of Britain in 1951 and is hand embroidered. I also have a scarf from the festival but couldn't find it this morning. Lost somewhere in Royal Stuff.
John Clayton Queen finished at last?? Well no, I have all the background still to stitch so it will be a few weeks yet before it is finished and on the wall. I admit to a couple of mistakes in this one but I dare you to find them. Also a bit annoyed I ran out of one colour. I am very careful with my threads when sitching a kit and feel I might complain as there should have been enough. Not a big drama as I had that colour in my thread stash. Anyone stitching this the colour was DMC 3840. Let me know if you run out too.
 Another John Clayton kit waiting to be stitched is this British soldier Thomas. One of my ancestors was a British Soldier who came to Australia with the 48th regiment in 1817. Thanks to a distant cousin and a book about his regiment I know all about him. He met and married an Irish girl while the regiment was stationed in Cork. She missed out on the ballot to sail with the army and arrived 2 years later with their only child a daughter. Thomas was a Peninsular War veteran. He retired from the army on a pension, took over the Sydney flour mill and became a wealthy landowner. None of his wealth and land is in the family now. He died age 90 of Decay of Nature. His Irish wife died in her 80's after falling in the fire. My ancestor also called Thomas (Steel) was a Private in the army and this will be a tribute to him. My Grandson is also named Thomas. I found the poster about his regiment on a market stall.
 These socks were a very nice surprise gift from Gina. She knows how much I love Laurel Burch designs, Aren't I lucky. Now I have socks to match my bag and scarf. Thanks for thinking of me Gina.
I know Charlotte likes to be in every post but really Charlotte this time you have gone too far. I got the bed all ready for me, book open at the right page, went to the bathroom and Charlotte thinks all this was done for her. Just don't tell me the end of the story please Charlotte and would you like me to sleep on the floor if you can spare a pillow please?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Local Views for a Change from Royals

The sign as you come into my suburb. I live on the left side of the sign but a bit further around the Lake.
 The lake is deep in some parts and shallow in others. This digger was out the front of my place but further over a few weeks ago trying to keep the channel clear for boats. Then it got bogged and started to sink. Pictures of the poor digger were on the news and as you can see, in the newspaper.
 The digger back again, this time safely on a barge. I took the photos from my verandah.
 The bridge across the Lake shown in the first photo. I live on the north side but almost everything I do involves crossing the bridge to the south side. The speed limit on the bridge is 70klm. per hour. I am a good and careful driver but the length and straightness of this bridge somehow causes me to turn into leadfoot granny and speed over at 80klm. hour.
 A new fishing platform is being built, perhaps to stop fishermen getting their feet wet? Schoolchildren now choose fishing as a sport. Last year my grandson chose surfing for his sport. In my day.........let's not go there, I think summer sport was tennis or tennis. I hate tennis. I should also mention I hate fishing and buy my fish from the supermarket freezer section or open a tin of salmon.
 The local Bowling club. No I don't go bowling either but I do like nice views.
A couple of local shops, I could walk to these but my car has a life of its own and loves to race over the bridge.