Monday, September 24, 2012

Diamond Jubilee Cross Stitch Samplers

 Before I show off my cross stitch I must show my lovely Jubilee figurine of the Queen. Bought in a Sydney shop it is Royal Doulton but made in Thailand so the Doulton quality is not there but that is what made it inexpensive enough for me to buy. It's a limited edition oh 4000 and mine is #1133.
 This is the John Clayton Queen cross stitch I put aside a while ago to work on the Bothy Threads Jubilee sampler shown in a previous post. Now I am hoping to finish and frame this one soon. John Clayton loves blended threads and also fitting two full stitches into one square and that's what makes his  designs so realistic. There is no backstitch on this one.
 I stitched this one between finishing the Bothy Threads and getting back to the Queen. The chart was in Cross Stitch Collection magazine issue 209 May 2012. I like the colours in this sampler. Easy to stitch even though there are half stitches and back stitch.
In the ever growing queue of stuff to be stitched is this tapestry cushion. I saw it advertised in My Weekly mag. Jubilee issue June 7th. and bought it from
This sampler is a Mary Hickmott design and the chart is in her mag. New Stitches issue 229. All the flowers and birds represent a Commonwealth country and as there are over 100 colours listed it would be much better to buy the kit. I think this sampler is pretty but somehow it is not one I am tempted to stitch.
A sampler I stitched 10 years ago for the Golden Jubilee, it could be adapted for the Diamond Jubilee but not by me, I would hate to stitch the same chart twice. The chart was in Cross Stitcher mag. in 2002.
Another Bothy Threads kit I really want to start stitching. This one shows every king and queen from William I right down to Elizabeth II and should be fun to stitch even with all that back stitch.
All my kits are bought over the internet or come with English magazines. Am I the only one in Australia stitching Royalty? Please someone tell me I'm not!!!
Meanwhile, I must pick up needle and thread again, no time to waste.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Royal Display at Country Show

On Sunday I went to a country fair. I don't usually go to country fairs but this was a special one. The fair was celebrating its 60th anniversary and as the Queen is also celebrating her 60th year of rule Janet from Janet's Royalty Rooms (now closed but Janet still has her collection) was asked to lend some of her items for a display. So you can see why I had to go. A guard from The Tower of London was there to point us in the direction of the display.
 The display was well worth the visit, I have some of the souvenirs Janet has but of course she has so much more and I can't compete. The Queen came through this small town by train on her visit in 1954 and newspapers and photos from that date were also on display.
More of Janet's display. Last week I went to a local small museum which had advertised a Diamond Jubilee display. It was so disapointing I wanted to add some of my own items. Unfortunately I am too selfish and thought my items might be lost or stolen.
 There was a pet show and this little girl won the first prize ribbon with the blue tongue lizard she is holding. These harmless and common garden lizards are named because the have a long blue tongue.
 The small boy won first prize for the cuddliest pet with the chicken he is holding. I think all the pets entered won a prize for something. I'll try and talk Charlotte and Emily into coming with me next year---but I know they won't.
 There was a band playing country music.
 A display of utes bristling with spotlights and ariels.
Lots of stalls and games. This one looks good. You put your children in this sealed ball, throw them into a pool of water and then I suppose you let them out when the air runs out. I didn't stay to find out.
There was also displays of needlework, next year I am going to enter some of my cross stitch and hope to win a prize ribbon. ( I hope it's a 1st prize) I had a great day and now I will look for more shows to attend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Melbourne Trip to Meet Gina

 Last Friday night daughterS and I took an overnight trip to Melbourne to meet blog friend Gina and see her display of embroidered linens at an old homestead turned art centre at Bundoora. SonD works for State Rail and was able to get us large discounts on a first class sleeper cabin for the 12 hour trip. We travelled in comfort and slept most of the trip so didn't see much in the way of scenery. We had all daySaturday in Melbourne then had another 12 hour return journey.

No this isn't our luggage being loaded, we know how to travel light.

This is Bundoora Homestead. We had our directions and thought we knew what we were doing. We caught a tram from Melbourne, got out at stop 62 and all was well, then we got lost in the large grounds of the home and had to ring Gina to come and find us. We had hoped to make a better first impression but Gina is such a very nice person and so easy to get along with. We saw her very impressive linen display then had a lovely Devonshire tea together in the beautiful homestead which also had a photographic exhibition upstairs.

 Some of Gina's linens in a display case, there were also tablecloths and aprons and doileys. I am lucky enough to have met 3 blog friends starting with Gattina in Belgium, Ruth from Brit Samplers who came to my home and now Gina in Melbourne. I think I got along with all three but then we all have so much in common. If not cats then embroidery collections. Gina also has two cats.   Thank you for a lovely afternoon Gina.

 Gina gave me two very much appreciated items to add to my Royal collection. A George VI coronation cushion cover and a 1953 coronation tray cloth.

 Daughter S and I went in to a Department store in Melbourne just to use their Ladies room but then I spotted a bag I really had to have. While I was trying to resist the purchase daughterS took it and bought it for me. Both my children are so good to me I think I must have been a better mother than I thought. Thank you sonD for arranging the discount train trip and daughter S for coming with me, I couldn't have done it without you both. Remember S, what happened in Melbourne stays in Melbourne.

And how are Charlotte and Emily, today they are 17 and 7 months old and have made a slight detour. Normally they go straight from my bed to their beds in the sunroom each morning. Today they made a slight detour to have a nibble of grass.  Emily is on her way to her bed in the sun and Charlotte will be right behind her when she has had enough grass.