Sunday, September 18, 2016

Shibella Charles and Diana

 Me first before Shibella takes over. Still getting used to my new computer and finding my photos. Latest addition to my collection is this tea cosy and two egg cosies from THE wedding and they came from an eBay seller in Australia. I was the only bidder. Has everyone else forgotten this great event in 1981. I love these cosies.
This is me Shibella and I am guarding my box. I overheard HER saying SHE was tired of the box always on the floor and looking untidy and was going to throw it out. The box stays... I've even caught HER heading toward the box doily in one hand and one of those Royal bears in the other.
I repeat-the box stays and any doilys or bears placed on top will be torn to shreads and tossed out in the rain. The Box Stays.