Friday, March 20, 2015

Sad Goodbye to my Beautiful Charlotte

 Two days ago I had to have my lovely and faithful companion Charlotte helped over the Rainbow Bridge. For a few weeks she had been having trouble with her back legs then suddenly she could not walk at all. I am devastated by the decision I had to make but Charlotte celebrated her 20th birthday 6 weeks ago so I knew I wouldn't have her much longer. Love you Charlotte and already miss you so much.
 Charlotte now joins her sister Emily who died 2 years ago and they will be together again. And like Emily, Charlotte will have a private cremation and her ashes will be placed with Emily's in a family grave.
Daughter S visited to offer her sympathy and gave me a lovely bunch of yellow flowers.
Now I have no cats and I don't think I ever will again. The trauma of their passing is just too hard to take.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beautiful Princess Diana Cross Stitch Design from Teresa Gil

 Another amazing design from Teresa Gil. This one is based on the dress princess Diana wore on her visit to Thailand in 1988. The colours are so pretty and this design will be easy to stitch. I think an enthusiastic beginner could attempt this with no trouble. Teresa loves half stitches but there are not too many and also some sparkly threads and some beads to make the finished sampler even prettier.
 Princess Diana is wearing the dress the design is based on.
 I have started my cross stitch and am using my favourite 14ct Aida in white.
Teresa charts her own designs and then stitches them herself. So you know she has already found any problems and sorted them out before she releases a chart. Unlike some computer generated charts that no one has ever test stitched and can be almost impossible to stitch.
I am no good at links but if you want to buy this design just google  Teresa Gil cross stitch designs.
 Remember this Teresa Gil design? The Queen in her Coronation robes, it was my challenge for last year but I think only took 8 months to complete. The Diana sampler should take less than half that time. I will give regular updates.
As for William and Kate-I was becoming so bored with the wedding dress stitching I was only too happy to pack it away for now (forever? who knows). For now I am happy with Diana and my pink threads.