Friday, February 27, 2015

Famous Photos with a Very Sad Warning

 This famous photo is called The Sun Baker and was taken by well known Australian photographer  Max Dupain in 1937 at a beach not too far from here I live.
 This similar pose was taken about 1990 and the photo was taken by Anne Zahalka and belong to the Art Gallery of N.S.W collection. I am showing these photos as a dreadful warning especially to the young boy with pale skin and red hair. I hope he put a shirt and hat on and went straight home after this pose.
This is a photo of Mr Linens aged about 19 long before his face and body became scarred from skin cancer and melanoma. Sadly Mr Linens died on 2nd February of squamous cell carcinoma. I wrote on this blog 3 years ago about his operation and radio therapy treatment but the cancer spread and nothing could be done. His brother died 20 years ago of melanoma. Growing up shirtless, shoeless and hatless under the Australian sun killed them both.
I don't like the first two photos, I don't want to see anyone on the beach trying to get a sun tan, IT Will Kill You.
Having got that message off my chest I will now grieve in private and my blog will return to happier things.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Charlotte Celebrates Her 20TH Birthday

 Hard to believe but true. Charlotte is 20 years old today. I thought she was going to spend the day under the cover in my bed so placed her gift and cake with candle on top of her on my bed.
 When the day became too hot to stay under the covers Charlotte moved to a cooler room. Meanwhile she was able to take a phone call and listen to family members singing Happy Birthday. Still no telegram from the Queen? next birthday for sure Charlotte.
A quick demonstration of her birthday gift which I admit she tried out a bit early. It is a head massager for human heads but Charlotte loves being brushed, combed and then massaged. There are rubber tips on the end of the prongs and I think she would sit all day for this to be run through her fur.
Happy Birthday my sweet Charlotte and hope you have many more. Apart from sleeping a bit more Charlotte is in good health and shows no sign of her age.
On this day we also remember Charlotte's sister Emily who died 2 years ago and say a big thank you to Margaret who allowed me to adopt Charlotte and Emily 7 years ago.