Friday, February 26, 2010

Coronation Jugs

This interesting Coronation jug is my latest ebay purchase from the U.K, one of those had to have in my collection items as I have never seen one like it before. Made for the Queen's Coronation in 1953 it's not a very good likeness of the Queen but I love it anyway. Have not been brave enough to look at ebay since the jug's arrival a few weeks ago as there might be more 'must have' items and my 2 cats DO insist on being fed.

The back of the jug looks good too.

On the base of the jug is the story of the Coronation chair. I have seen the chair in Westminster Abbey, sadly the Queen was not sitting in it and I couldn't either as it was roped off.

Jugs from the 1910 Coronation of GeorgeV and Queen Mary. I think all these jugs are so pretty and they speak for themselves so not much more I can say.

Side view of the jugs.

Enamel Ware jug made in Australia by Metters for the 1953 coronation. There are a few of these around at varying prices and conditions and mine only has one small chip on the rim.

GeorgeV small jug with matching not to scale cheese dish. The cheese dish has been broken and very badly mended at some time in it's 100yr life.
Jug and dish are signed Russell and Sons and have Gemma and a small crown on the base.
The other jug is King GeorgeVI made by Royal Winton and has the #163 on the base. Not sure if that means Ltd Edition or not

Coronation jug for EdwardVIII, released for sale and bought before his abdication. I'm lucky enough to have a few souvenirs for royal events that never happened. This one an ebay purchase in Australia.

The back of the jug.

Not a Coronation jug, this character jug was released for the Queen's 80th birthday in 2006. Made by Royal Doulton it is hand made and hand painted.
BUT it is made in Thailand and I bought it new from a shop in Sydney on the eve of a long trip. When I arrived home I noticed that the Queen has BROWN EYES. Was immediately on the phone to the shop and email to Royal Doulton U.K who promised a refund or blue eyed replacement. No blue eyes found, didn't want a refund as I would be left with no jug at all. I believe a terrible mistake was made in Thailand, no one noticed and there are NO blues and if I keep jug for a couple of hundred years it will be worth a fortune. YES?
Anyway I do love the Corgi on the handle, best part of the jug.

Who can leave an antique fair or market without buying SOMETHING? so these little jugs are from a 'not the royal collection' collection. Starting on the left is a koala, kookaburra and cockatoo.
More jugs another day as I DO have more but Emily is stretched out on the floor waiting to be brushed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charles and Diana Engagement Anniversary

Today is the 29th Anniversary of the Engagement of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer and no Diana collection would be complete without a replica of that famous ring and this is the one I have on display. Diana's ring had one sapphire and fourteen diamonds so you can see mine is not the real one but close enough for me.
This very pretty charm bracelet is also an engagement souvenir complete with initials C and D.
The tea towel pictured below is the only engagement souvenir I have wth the actual date shown. Charles looks a bit grim but that is just a fold in the cloth and Diana is not wearing that blue suit she wears on so many souvenirs.

Lots of jewellery was made for the wedding and here is a necklace. I do sometimes wear these pieces and one day I will do a post only for royal jewellery.

A poster I have on the wall in my Diana room, here she is wearing the blue and white suit.

My kitchen cannisters and drinks tray and there is that suit again, I think most photos were taken on stairs so Charles could look a bit taller.

I have a lot of small souenirs and these are 2 handbag mirrors, a pill box and 2 wedding badges

Below is that chair (see earlier post) brought back to life. Now painted a very pale pink and covered with the Charles and Diana wedding fabric. Click on the pic for a better look. The seat was easy to do with my trusty staple gun but the back a lot more difficult and one day (perhaps) I might redo it. still have lots of the fabric left for another project.

The day after the engagement was announced I booked my flight and hotel room for the July wedding and what an event that was. I think my family have forgiven me for abandoning them for a couple of weeks in 1981 and for many Royal events since.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Weekend

What promised to be a busy,fun weekend turned very stressfull when Charlotte showed symptoms of cystitis on Saturday morning. An emergency appointment at the Vet who agreed it could be the problem and prescribed antibiotics and here she is only hours later-saying 'who me sick? never'
I was to meet friends for lunch at a local Thai restaurant and then go to a local theatre group matinee production of The Boy From Oz. Left Charlotte asleep on the bed and made it to lunch only 5 minutes late. Found the resteraunt now serves wine and thinking a glass would help me recover from a trip to the vet. ordered a shiraz which turned out to be red and I only drink white wine but a few sips helped restore my sanity.
The Boy from Oz is the story of the Australian Peter Allen (once married to Judy Garlands daughter Liza Minelli remember?) Hugh Jackman played his part when the show was on Broadway. Well this production was just as good and very enjoyable, no I haven't been to Broadway, It's just my opinion.
Peter's songs 'When my Baby goes to Rio' and 'I still call Australia home almost bring me to tears

Sunday was my son's birthday so made the trip to Liverpool for lunch at a local club, so here I am on the way up from the south coast, only 1hour and 20 mins away.

After lunch went back to his place for cake and the singing of Happy Birthday.
Well this is better than no cake at all isn't it?

Always do a bit of looking around when at Liverpool and above is a Pic. of my 6xgreat grandmother's grave who arrived as a convict in 1806. As the pioneer cemetery was recently vandalised there is a fence while repairs and restoration is completed. The other grave pictured is also a family grave.

Liverpool is celebrating it's bi-centenerary this year and this statue of Govenor Macquarie stands at the top of Macquarie St Liverpool looking down toward Westfield. The statue is made of stainless steel and inside shows articles such as plumb bob, drafting dividers, pick and book and I love it and always want to see it when I visit my son D who lives with his partner T nearby.
Lachlan Macqurie was Gov. of N.S.W 1810 to 1831.
Sorry about that thing coming out of his neck, it's a street light I only just noticed.

D & T's beautiful cat Sabrina, once a rescued street kitten and now living the good life.

Well I think my Royal Collection is special but you should see T's Barbie collection and here I have permission to show a vey small and I do mean small part of her amazing collection. I love to visit and see what's new.

And there's more, they are everywhere, but then son D does have a large room devoted to model railways so must get more pics. Perhaps if I take a larger cake next time I will be allowed more pics.
Well that was my weekend, forget to mention both days were very hot and sunny.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Belated Birthday Gift

Charlotte and Emily received a birthday gift in the post, a brown paper package tied up with string (reminds me of a song) and addressed to them, so exciting. Sure to be something good as it's from their Aunt M and cousin, the beautiful Russian Blue Galina.
Charlotte's tongue is out in anticipation, quick Emily open it!

Charlotte is trying to contain her excitement and have a think about what exactly she has. Girls, if you don't want the fancy box with red ribbon can I have it??

Emily thinks whatever it is could be o.k as it does match her fur.

Have a sleep girls and a think about your gift. Things always look better in the morning and don't forget a big THANK YOU to M and Galina XX

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Doll, Bear and Cats

Happy Valentine Day. The theme at doll club yesterday was pink and I won the raffle prize pictured above, chosen from a selection of prizes because of the fluffy cat.
The competition section I entered was 'Doll Wearing Glasses' so bought my old vinyl 'Patsy' doll a pair of specs and gave her some wool and needles to hold, didn't win but Patsy got an outing after all these years. Patsy is a Palitoy, Made in England doll and was a Christmas gift I received when I was about 14. Her crochet dress and head band were bought at doll club trade table last year.

Yesterday's purchase was the pretty green dress the bear on the left is wearing and was made by one of the clever club members. Next months club theme is green for St Patricks day and though the dress is not emerald green I think if I make you a smart hat to add to the dress Ted you just might do for the 'bear wearing green' section.

Below is Ted before the green dress, all my bears have to be a bit androgynous and dress in whatever my latest FIND is. I do like you in the blue suit Ted but now the green dress is my new favourite.
While on the subject of bears had to show a recent purchase, not strictly a royal bear, the one above is a Gund Canterbury bear. A limited edition bear made in 1993 (the 40th anniversary of the Queen's coronation) and is named Elizabeth and that's close enough for me.

Charlotte and Emily must have a mention here and so they are posing as bookend cats which they often do.

Are you going to do anything about those ducks on your property Charlotte? You are looking a bit annoyed there.

Any of these pics. can clicked on to enlarge, was experimenting a bit, not sure it worked but there is always next time!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spider's Demise

Went to clean my teeth last night and IT had reappeared and was waiting behind the door for me. Brushing my teeth is becoming much too hazardous. Thought right, I can deal with this, got a bucket of water and a broom. The plan was knock spider into bucket, throw bucket outside and collect empty bucket next day. Well as soon as I touched spider with broom he ran up the handle very fast and I dropped broom before he reached my hand.
Spider ended up on edge of basin. Next plan: time for the vacum cleaner. Charlotte does not like the vacum and wondered why I was getting it out at 9.30pm. With Charlotte safely in the wardrobe (Emily looked slightly annoyed but stayed on the bed) I tried to suck the spider up. BUT he was too big, outran the vacum and ran up the wall.

Here he is, you can just see a glimpse of legs behind the Charle's and Diana towel displayed on the wall.

I gave up, went to bed exhausted and Charlotte came out of the wardrobe.
This was sight that greeted me this morning. Double spiders, not a good photo but he was posed next to the mirror to multiply my trauma.
But he underestimated me, this morning I was braver and smarter and had a 2 pronged plan of attack.
First the vacum at the ready (and Charlotte back in the wardrobe) then a couple of squirts of insect spray and while he was disabled and legs folded THEN the vacum cleaner and he is no more. A bit sad to see such a perfect speciman go but we couldn't live together.
There will be no more spider posts now I have such a perfect plan, they will be gone too soon. I just need a bit more courage to bring the vacum back inside, but the good news is the bathroom then got a good clean and I washed all the towels.

As if I wasn't traumatised enough last night, I was almost asleep when there was a terrific crash in the house. This is a large pure silk wall hanging from Liberty's London to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee. I bought it from a market already professionally mounted on stiff cardboard and I stuck it on the wall up near the ceiling with those sticky things that are advertised 'holds strongly, comes off cleanly'. Well it has been so humid here I think the board buckled, the sticky things didn't hold and it simply fell off. I was very lucky nothing was broken as it came down.
I am hoping for a more peaceful night tonight, I have some good books to read and Charlotte and Emily like me to remain calm.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Girls

Charlotte and Emily are 15 years old today.They are sisters from the same litter and here they share the secret of looking so young and being so active.
Always start the day with a long sleep in a comfy bed.
Fresh air and walking up steps is good excersice.

Here the girls are playing with their birthday gift. That's good news for me as so many past gifts have been ignored.

Those steps can be exhausting so always best to relax after a workout and playing with new toys.
Charlotte and Emily you give me so much pleasure I hope we have many more years together.

Sorry to hijack your birthday post girls but I had to show this.
Look carefully at the soap dish on a shelf in my bathroom. There are LEGS showing each side. The spider was there for about 30 hours and then dissapeared. Oh well: out of sight out of mind.

And here is a cicada on my screen door this morning, lucky for me on the outside. Their screeching has been very loud lately but I rarely see one.