Monday, January 25, 2016

Australia Day for an Itinerant

26th January is Australia day and celebrates the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. But did you know that 26th January is also Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? This year I am too busy appreciating bubble wrap to celebrate Australia day because-- I am moving-again. I have lived in the same house now for almost 14 years. the longest I have lived anywhere since my marriage.

Why is my writing a different size when  all my news needs to be shouted?

Pic. courtesy  of Microsoft for work

Now I am living in chaos. Every box is marked Royal Stuff and each box holds more bubble wrap than item. I am only moving a few streets away and the amazing thing is I am buying the house of the couple who are buying mine.

The walls are bare, the curtains packed and I find it hard to live with boxes.I am selling a larger house that has been too long exposed to the sun, wind and salt spray and now needs a bit of work. Buying a smaller house that needs no work done and I think it has enough wall space for my royal sampler collection.

Here Shibella surveys some of the chaos. Now I must thank my family who have been helping with the chaos and especially R. who has repaired the many holes in the walls created by my sampler hanging frenzy. My hammer and nails are packed ready for the new house.

Shibella has chosen her moving box so I will tape her up now and toss her on the truck next week. And I thought I would have such trouble getting you in the cat carrier. My buyers have a cat identical to Shibella. It has been suggested we leave our cats behind but I think the cats would notice.

Got rid of a lot of my old furniture so this pic. shows some of the new. Still in the shop when I took this pic, has now been delivered wrapped in plastic. The stripped cushions will have to be replaced with something royal and I think the whole set is Shibella proof.

Love this little Bistro setting, I'm sure it will fit in somewhere.

Won't Have much time in the next couple of weeks to work on my Tersa Gil Longest Reign but it will have a prominent wall spot in my new house. Only a bit of gold stitching and the beading to do now. The back stitch is finished.