Sunday, February 27, 2011

William and Kate Stitching Marathon

I'm stitching as fast as I can but I keep finding more Royal Wedding items I must do. The knitted W and K dolls are a free download pattern I found on the net and the instructions are easy to follow. I'm not a very experienced knitter but once again enthusiasm wins over skill and the dolls will be knitted.
A keen start has been made on the wedding tapestry. I'm trying to work without a frame but think I will have to use one for the background.

To show I can manage a small social life too, I went to see a local production of the old classic Guys and Dolls yesterday. Today I went to a very early session at the movies and saw The King's Speech. What a great movie, I was prepared to be a little dissapointed because, well , it wasn't the real King, but I loved it.

A view of the local theatre, we always take cushions to sit on as the seats are so uncomfortable but the shows are always good.

Had lunch with friends before the matinee at a Thai restaurant overlooking the small harbour and ocean.

Enough of enjoying myself, back to stitching. This cross stitch kit is on it's way from the U.K. It's a John Clayton design from Heritage and will keep me busy for a while. Also on it's way to me is a Kate and William Wedding sampler kit I ordered from Majesty magazine.
World of Cross Stitcher magazine #176 and Cross stitcher magazine #238 both have Royal wedding charts. These mags. will be released in March in the U.K but won't arrive here till May.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doll Club Win

Doll club meeting yesterday and one of the categories was a souvenir bear, I entered Pink and we won 3rd prize certificate. Well done Pink.Then trouble. Pink saw her little sister Pinkette for sale on a trade table and begged me to buy her. I said no as like Pink she is made of mohair by the same club member who made Pink and was too expensive. Pink cried. The price was reduced. I weakend, handed over lots of$$$$ and Pinkette became ours. Pinkette was a bare bear but a very kind and generous club member insisted I take the red spotted dress for her as she looks so good in it.
Pinkette is wearing a bow on her head of Charles and Diana Wedding ribbon and Pink has a bow of the same ribbon on her wrist. On Pinks feet are cloth badges frim C&D's wedding.
Charlotte insisted on being in the photo because she thinks the prize certificate is meant for her.
No Charlotte, I'm sure if it was for you it would have been 1st prize.

The two other sections for prize certifcates were; a doll holding flowers and a paperweight. I put some flowers in the hand of one of my old childhood dolls and entered a Charles and Diana wedding paperweight. No winnings here as the competitors were just too good.
I had hoped Charlotte would wander off for another sleep but no, she wants to help with my next photo arrangement.
I allowed Pink to borrow my new Kate and William charm bracelet to wear to Doll Club and next to it is a mini Kate and William cup and saucer surrounded by Charles and Diana wedding ribbon.

This is how I got Charlotte away from my display. I took the cover off the doll's house and she was instantly distracted. Easy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charlotte and Emily's 16th Birthday

Charlotte and Emily share their 16th birthday today. Here they have blown out the candles on their cake. Well done my beautiful girls.
The girls each received a birthday parcel in the post from their cousin Galina.
Emily is excited but a little suspicious of what might be inside, but she does love the pretty paper.

You can look now Emily, that is a lovely toy for you to play with, and look, a handmade card from Galina. Galina chose the blue toy for you because you are a blue point Birman.

Now Charlotte's turn to open her parcel. Do you need help Charlotte?

Look Charlotte you got a hand made card too and that toy is the perfect colour for your seal point colours. You must both write thank you cards to Galina tomorrow. You will have lots of fun with the new toys I'm sure.

Here is the beautiful and talented cousin Galina. Galina is a Russian Blue and very elegant. I know Galina would have come to the birthday celebrations if she could but Charlotte and Emily are both so pleased she remembered their special day with gifts.

Here is little fun filled Roxy who would love to be friends with Charlotte and Emily if they weren't always asleep when Roxy calls.
Roxy is 4yrs old and after a hard first 2yrs of life was lucky enough to be adopted by near neighbour Fay and now lives a very happy contented life.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful girls, may you have many more happy healthy years.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

GeorgeVI to ElizabethII

Today marks the anniversary of the death 59years ago of King GeorgeVI and the start of the reign of ElizabethII. The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth was in Africa on her way to Australia when told of her father's death. Above are the only 2 souvenirs I have been able to find of that cancelled visit.

The Queen arrives back in London for the funeral of her father.

1952 was the year 0f 3 Queens. Above are Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother and Queen ElizabethII ready for the King's funeral. Queen Mary died the next year and Queen Elizabeth lived as a widow for the next 50 years as the popular Queen Mother. ElizabethII celebrates her Diamond Jubilee next year, the length of her reign will soon pass Queen Victoria's.

Was going to find something individual to show for the King but then remembered A-yet to be explained ladder issues B-there might be a large spider behind anything on the wall C- there could be a VERY large spider behind anything on the wall so this is a bit of an overview.

The king can be seen top left on a framed embroidered cushion cover sent to me by Gina at and also top right.

Nothing to do with royals but had to share this anyway. I never much liked Gok or his 'How to Look Good Naked" T.V show and almost didn't bother to choose his book at the library. So glad I did, his story is so interesting and I will watch his T.V shows now with a new respect for him.
I recommend his book to anyone and will be sorry when I finish it tonight.

Friday, February 4, 2011

They're Baaaack

Well I've been expecting you spider. I mean today is 4th February, the middle of summer and we are in the middle of a heatwave with high humidity. So what took you so long? Very clever of you to stay up near the ceiling out of my reach. Yes I know you are a supposedly harmless Huntsman and if I feel a bit hunted in my own home that's just my paranoia kicking in. You are in a spare bedroom by the way so I don't have to sleep with you tonight, hope you are not a nocturnal spider.
You are right above my sewing machine Spider but that's o.k I'll give up sewing for the forseeable future. I'm busy with my Kate and Wills wedding tapestry anyway. If you go to the other side of the room Spider you will see the ceiling slopes up and is much higher there and I will never get you because of my ladder issues which I have yet to explain on this blog.

This is the breakfast I ate right before I saw spider or I might have lost my appetite. I like some sliced banana on my cereal and this might be the last banana I have for some time. I keep hearing on the radio that the floods and cyclone in Queensland have wiped out most of the banana crops and prices will rocket up maybe out of my price range. If that's the only problem I have after all the disasters then I am lucky and should not complain.
My treat for the day to take my mind of spiders and food prices. The latest copy of Majesty magazine. Oh no, another complaint coming up. This mag. is the December issue. Most English magazines take 2 months to arrive here so the official pics are all in the next issue so I have another month to wait.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Ted This is Your Life

We start with a brand new Ted in his/her very early days.
When asked what I wanted for my 18th birthday many many years ago I requested a big yellow bear and so Ted came into my life. I could have asked for a more sensible or useful gift which I'm sure would have been gone and forgotten by now. Ted is a Merrythought bear made in England where all the best bears come from, he is wearing the original red bow. When new Ted had a very large growl, sadly worn out now.Pictured above when new Ted is with the beautiful cat Twink I had at that time.
We are growing older together Ted and you have always been a favourite with all my cats. No this cat isn't Emily, it's my lovely Himalayan colourpoint nicknamed Best One (real name Ranee) who died 5 years ago aged 16. Ted is starting to show a little wear on the paws here.
Here is Emily sleeping with Ted for company. Note Ted is now a royal bear.

Charlotte useing Ted as backdrop for her posing. Note Pink before her transformation to Royal Wedding bear.

Ted providing comfort to a grandson on a sleepover. The waistcoat Ted is wearing was one worn by my daughter when she was two.

Ted helping newer bears to settle in and find their place in the household.
Thank you Ted, I think you might be the best gift I ever received and thank you for always being willing to model any clothes for my blog or entering Doll club competition in whatever category decided.
I think we will have many more years together Ted and lots more adventures.