Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

Happy Christmas to All,hope everyone got lots of cards and parcels. Keep warm those in the Northern Hemisphere and cool those of us living South of the Equator.
Visited my daughter on Sunday for my grandson's birthday (sorry I don't have permission to show the birthday boy) and found this rock doorstop wearing a crocheted cover. Is she turning into her mother or worried about climate change???

We had a celebration brunch at a local restaurant and back at the house I had this very nice cup of tea (she knows I hate mugs) with the birthday cake.

I accidentley left the door of the small bathroom open, Charlotte knows she is not supposed to go in as it gets too crowded with me and 2 cats so she is looking to see if I noticed.

Yes that's you Charlotte, looking beautiful as usual.

I think this is her "throw me out if you dare look". Emily didn't notice the door was open so missed it all.
The next few posts were supposed to be Royal but once again I have been sidetracked by cats.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My 100th Post and it is ROYAL

By far the most expensive item in my collection is this beautiful figurine of the Queen made for her Golden Jubilee in 2002. Made by Royale Stratford in Staffodshire England it is hand made and hand painted and No.56 in a limited edition of 500. I bought it in Sydney, just one of those HAD TO HAVE items, almost afraid to take it out if it's display cabinet to photograph-safely back now.
The statue is shown on a coronation tablecloth.
A very pretty sampler made for the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977, hand embroidered on linen it is displayed on a Nottingham lace Silver Jubilee runner.

One of my favourite samplers because it shows the GOLD COACH which I love so much. Made for the coronation in 1953 the last 2 lines of the poem pictured were quoted by our then Prime Minister Robert Menzies when the Queen visited Australia in 1954.

I was lucky to win this sampler on ebay as it is so unusual and very well hand embroidered, there was a similar one up for auction at the same time made for the Festival of Britain in 1951 but I had to let that one go.

My 100th post (who said it wouldn't last) and it is all about the 3 major events in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Starting with her Coronation, then her Silver and Golden Jubilee. I hope the be in London for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012, less than 3 years to go now so I'm sure plans are well under way for the celebrations. I was there for the Golden Jubilee and it was so exciting..... I have lots more samplers and embroideries to show so please come back.
Charlotte and Emily wanted to be on the 100th post but I said no (well that was a rare event, even I am shocked I said no to them) but the next few posts will be ROYAL

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lake Hovercraft

Three hovercraft went past my house and as usual I rushed out to wave, just like a 2yr old always hoping one will stop and give me a ride.
Charlotte is looking to see if they are coming back and the pelican is watching from his precarious perch. He's seen it all before and unlike me he no longer get's excited.
NEXT POST is my 100th. Watch this space.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

George VI Embroidery

Two embroidered samplers showing the Coronation route for the coronation of George VI May 1937. The embroidery below is the same as the smaller sampler but it has been used to make a bag, perhaps a sewing or pyjama bag. The embroidery on the bag is not quite finished but came with the left over old cottons for me to complete. (one day)
The transfer for the smaller sampler and bag was given away with the magazine 'Modern Woman' May 1937 and then you could use it in different ways.
These were all ebay purchases from the U.K.
Some samplers I receive show a lot of damp, mildew or watermarks and I am pretty good at bringing old samplers back to life but I havn't yet tried to remove the watermark on the larger sampler. (Napisan is the secret)
Off to another Christmas lunch now, Doll club this time. No competitions today so I won't feel bad if my dolls or bears don't win a prize.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Charlotte and Emily being models.

Charlotte and Emily think these pics may get them jobs as chocolate box lid models though Charlotte is not looking cute enough I think.
Emily is crashed out on the verandah but Charlotte is staying alert for the local bird life.

Here's Charlotte trying her old "look I've lost a leg" trick. Sorry Charlotte I only fell for that one the first time. She is sitting on the lace tablecloth I bought at the op shop and dyed blue and I love the china fruit bowl which my family make fun of but which may have to go soon to make way for royal "stuff".

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Christmas Lunch

Women's Group I belong had a Christmas lunch yesterday in the private dining room of a local club, this is the table before the rest of our rowdy group arrived. Twenty one ladies came to the lunch and we needed the private room as we can be a bit noisey when we get together.
The 2 pics on the left show the large Hamper raffle prize which we have all been donating goodies too the past few meetings and I DID'NT WIN, did not even win 2nd prize the fruit basket pictured right. The winners are popular members and we were all pleased for them(yes even me). Money made from the sale of tickets was donated to the women's auxiliary of a local hospital.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Lunch

Early Christmas lunch at a friend's house yesterday. She is a very good cook, generous hostess and has a pretty garden which she works very hard in. An invitation to lunch is always a treat for me as I don't like cooking or gardening but I do like to eat and admire the efforts of others in the garden. I am showing a couple of pics. of the food, table setting and garden with a great view of Lake Illawarra as a backdrop to the garden.
The plate of chocolate slices was my rather pathetic contribution to lunch. Condensed milk and crushed biscuits were involved in the making but I don't think they were as good as the recipe promised.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vintage Bridesmaid revisited

Above is the bridesmaid dress my sister wore at my wedding many years ago, it's a pretty flock nylon with painted flowers and taffeta lining. The dress would have had extra petticoats underneath to make the skirt stand out more.
When I borrowed the dress I found the neck altered and a large collar and bow added by my mother so it could be worn again. There are photos of my sister wearing the dress again but we can't remember just were to.
I wore the dress on the right as bridsemaid to a friend when I was 19. It is the only dress I have had in my life made especially for me by a dressmaker and I wore a rope petticoat underneath which I don't have now.
The nylon fur jacket below was worn by me to balls and parties and I've added some of my marcasite jewellrey that I still love but no longer wear.
Sadly my sister and I no longer fit into our dresses though my daughter once wore mine to a party.
Renting them out for school formals in not an option, I don't think they are what girls wear now.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Charlotte and the Pelican

A nice friendly pelican comes to visit and Charlotte is sure she can have it for dinner if it just comes a little bit closer, she's on full alert and ready to spring. Why bother with those seagulls if there's a chance of pelican and she might share with Emily who really is not interested in catching her own.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Elizabeth and Phillip Wedding Anniversary

Today is the 62nd wedding anniversary of the Queen and Prince Phillip, I think this may be the longest royal marriage in history. I have the 2 embroidery wedding transfers from 1947 in my collection which I don't think I will ever embroider. The mug and truck from the Golden Wedding Anniversary 1997, Phillip is on the other side of the mug. A bus from the Diamond Wedding 2007 and a tapestry cushion to work I bought with great enthusiasm and expense 2 years ago but have yet to finish.
Happy Anniversary H.R.H

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Royal Visit 1954 doiley

A great find on ebay, a Royal Visit doiley with Tasmania included. I already had 2 doileys, one given to me by my sister, she had started the embroidery years ago and I finished it and crocheted the edge. Can't remember where I got the unworked one but neither shows any sign of Tasmania even in the instructions.
The queen did visit Tas. on that tour in 1954 so that state should have been included so I am very happy to have this doiley in my collection.
Tasmania is sometimes called the Apple Isle and the embroidery shows apples.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Prince Charles Birthday

Today Prince Charles turns 61 so to be fair and impartial I am showing a souvenir from each of his weddings.
A bag from his marriage to Diana and a bag from his marriage to Camilla.
The character jug was released by Royal Doulton
last year to celebrate Charles's 60th birthday.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Mother's Birthday

Today would have been my mother's birthday, she loved pretty china so i'm showing a few of the pieces she owned and I now love. Mum also loved opal jewellery and a brooch (now my daughter's) and a ring she wore is displayed on a Harbour Bridge doiley embroidered and crocheted by mum next to one of her pretty hankdkerchiefs she dyed purple in her dyeing everything purple phase.
The supper cloth at the back was worked by mum for me and I have put in a couple of photos of mum.
Click on the pic. to see more detail.
Happy Birthday Mum XX

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Embroidered Samplers from Canada

An exciting surprise parcel from Shirley in Canada today, the 2 samplers were expertly embroidered by her Aunt Mary in the 1930's or 40's and now Shirley has passed them on to me. Thank you Shirley-you are so generous.
The poem "Trees" embroidered on black linen was written by Joyce Kilmer and I learnt this poem at school years ago, I think everyone knows the first 2 lines.
Joyce Kilmer was killed in France July 1918 in WWI and today is 11.11 Rememberance day so a fitting day for this sampler to arrive.
The other hand embroidered sampler is of course the words of Robert Burns the Scottish poet. Shirley included the pretty note card pictured with her message, wish we could get together for that cup of tea Shirley!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Latest ebay apron

Latest purchase from ebay for my collection is the very expertly stitched apron titled Miss Westralia. It looks as good at the back as the front, she is holding a bunch of wildflowers and sturt desert peas are pictured top and bottom.
Apron came from a very generous seller in Victoria who included the other apron pictured as a bonus, how good is that!!
The bonus apron is also expertly done and very pretty. My photography doesn't do my aprons justice so please click on the pics for a better look at the stitching.