Sunday, March 13, 2016

Teresa Gil Sampler Finished More Samplers and Help in The House

 My beautiful Teresa Gil Longest Reign finished and ready to be framed. all the beads are in place and while there might be one or two mistakes in the stitching I dare you to find them. I am a bit proud and pleased with my results on this one.
 On the left is a Prince Charles sampler celebrating his birth in 1948. On the right is the Princess Anne birth sampler I have had for some time. I knew the Charles sampler existed but was never able to find one. Another eBay find and I'm thrilled to have it in my collection. Never heard of one for Andrew or Edward so perhaps no one bothered after the heir and the spare.
 Another eBay find this Royal Visit 1954 embroidered sampler. So much still out there waiting to be found by me.
I have now been in my new house for a month and everything (or most things) went smoothly. I had lots of family help though I did make the mistake of asking grandson A to hammer a nail in so I could hang the kitchen clock. Grandson couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of his task and his father had to record this historic event on camera.
 Now the nail has fallen into the sink. The camera is still rolling. Grandson still laughing.
 Grandson looks on admiringly as his father shows how it should be done. Seemingly without a hammer.
 Grandson A now hides behind a mask so no more hammering will be asked of him.
Have had hundreds (well one) of requests for house photos and so far this is all I have managed. My new blind installed yesterday to block out the western sun.
Shibella loves the new house so next post will feature her adventures.