Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Princess Diana Remembered

Thirteen years today since Pricess Diana was tragically killed in the car crash in Paris. Diana will forever remain young and beautiful and never forgotten.
I bought the cross stitch portrait below on ebay, already expertly completed I can't claim it as my own stitching as all the crosses face in the opposite direction to my own cross stitches. This one below stitched by me from a kit bought in the U.K
The chart for this interesting Diana portrait was bought on ebay, was easy to stitch and I think looks impressive. Sometimes less can = more with stitches.
Below, a very pretty commemorative sampler I would like to think I will finish one day. For now it is in my too hard basket as there are so many half stitches, quarter stitches, shades of colour too similar and lots of back stitch. Not much fun to stitch but hope I can complete it....one day.

Pretty Diana plates, the one on the left has a chip which I don't mind as chips and cracks can sometimes bring items into my price range.

Tall and elegant Diana looked stunning in all the clothes and jewellery she wore and set a standard I don't think can be lived up to by anyone. She will always be remembered.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who's Running the Country?

One week since a Federal election was held and still no winner. Some people-ok maybe only me- think the Queen should visit and declare a winner. Meanwhile we Australians are an ungoverned and ungovernable rabble running amok and having fun in the sun. Standards are slipping, have a look at that chinese takeaway and bottle of wine as an example. Whatever happened to salad and a glass of water and my no alcohol policy??

You can turn around Charlotte and look at the Lake. Sea levels won't rise and there will be no Climate Change until we have politicions in power to tell us all about it.

Doesn't get much better than this. Three boys in a boat at sunset, hope they caught some fish.

My op shop buy of the day, a knitted tablecloth! whoever knitted this must have had me in mind as yellow is my favourite colour. And so life is going on in the usual way.

I'm participating in "What Did You Do This Weekend?" with Gattina at Writers Cramps.

Click on the link.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weak Weekend

Well the election is now over and we have a hung Parliment. Emily refused to appear on camera and Charlotte only had one comment to make when I interupted her sleep in the sun. "We live in interesting times" I don't think that quote is original Charlotte but it does fit the times we are in. I arrived at the local school at 9am to cast my vote and found a very long non moving queue, stood for about 30 sec. in the strong cold August wind and left thinking I would come back after I had been to the shops. Already feeling a bit down because I had to go back and vote went into BigW to buy vacum cleaner bags and instead~feeling in a bad mood~cheered myself up buying a C.D and a book, then at another shop found stickers with crowns on-perfect. Forgot the vac. bags and had to go back for them. Drove past the school on the way home,still a long queue and I needed a cup of tea so home for lunch. One of the songs on the C.D is The Village People singing Y.M.C.A and I'm sure no one can stay down for long listening to that, so much cheered, I danced around the kitchen eating my sandwich and the mini chocolate cheesecakes-yes all of them. Should have sat down to eat the sandwich though as it contained a slice of tomato which promptly fell out onto my pink top so when I went out again to vote had to cover tom. stain with cleverly arranged scarf. 1pm found me back at the school to vote, the wind had dropped and the much smaller queue was now in the sun. Things that annoyed me in the queue, I have low tolerance for queueing!
1. People in front of me who didn't move up with the queue making me wonder if they are in the queue at all or just standing about having a chat.....
2. The woman behind me who kept sniffing. didn't she have a tissue? or even-dare I say it-a pretty,nicely ironed hanky in her pocket!!!! Kept my queue rage under control by thinking of my new purchases. Sunday was a perfect winter day, lots of sun and no wind. Went to the markets and my only buy was the Charles and Diana tin, the one in front, to add to my tin collection. Oh and this time I didn't say No to the sausage sandwich and cake so bought them too.
To sum up my weekend I was weak willed and spent too much and ate too much but enjoyed my self and have already finished the book I bought.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Charlotte Emily Election Advice

Charlotte, tomorrow is a very important day for Australia. A Federal election is being held and voting is compulsory, so would you like to say a few words to the voters in blog land and tell us which political party you will be voting for?
Oh! really, that candidate-well I think that's a very wise decision and I might follow your advice. Let's head to the polling booth early. NO, vote early, vote often is a joke we won't really do that. You are right Charlotte, no election promises have been made for better health and dental care for cats and nothing mentioned about more education for kittens.

Who will you vote for Emily?
NO!! not the donkey, there isn't really a donkey running for office. I explained the donkey vote to you yesterday and it is only called a donkey vote if you mess up your vote at the ballot box.
Yes we do love donkeys, we just don't know any and we are sad we have no donkey friends.
One last question for you Emily; do you think William and Kate will marry soon???

We are sad too about this article in this weeks International Express, but Emily we don't have space to give all the homeless donkeys a home.

Do you have any more comments for the roving reporter when you have finished your drink Emily? may we come back for your insights on the winning political party? I'm sure you will have more to say then, even if the donkey doesn't win.

Thank you for your insightful and intelligent comments Charlotte, I can see you have had enough for today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Doll Club Win and My Weekend

Won second prize in 'Old Handbag' section at Doll Club on Saturday for this beautiful hand worked petit point coronation 1953 bag. Other side of bag shows coronation procession. I have displayed both sides on an earlier post.

There are always 3 sections in the competitions at Doll Club and next month one sect. is serviette holder. I didn't have any serviette holders, not even Royal ones but found this pair of mulga wood holders at the markets yesterday so am hoping they are a prize winning pair.
Also bought the length of fabric shown, was told it was bought in Paris, it was a bargain and I will add it to my fabric stash. The 2 cat bags are another market bargain I could not resist though I did say no to the sausage sandwich and the cakes on offer.

Another section in the comp. next month is Russian nesting dolls and I'm sure my Royal set will win. Watch this space.

Third section is a 'Bear Dressed for Winter' and though I have lots of willing volunteers I don't think any of the above lot look quite good enough. Still a few weeks to go so perhaps if I knit a scarf and hat one of the above might romp home with a prize, but I've warned the bears; competition is fierce.
Emily is helping with the bear selection, she has not been well. I was only out for a couple of hours yesterday at the market, arrived home for lunch and found Emily a bit distressed with a bad case of cystitis. I have a very good Vet. nearby, open 7 days a week so was able to rush Emily in to start on a course of antibiotics. Today she is much better but a blood test showed her kidney function is not good but with a slight change of diet and careful nursing we will have a lot more time together still. The girls were 15 last February and impaired kidney funtion is not unusual in older cats

Arrived in the post today, a belated birthday gift bought for me on ebay. A coronation apron from 1953, It's made of a sort of rayon fabric and I don't dare iron it. A great addition to my Apron and Royal collrction.

Bought this for myself on my birthday last Monday and also arrived in the post today. A hand embroidered handkerchief from the coronation of EdwardVII and Alexandria in 1902. The hem is also hand stitched with very tiny stitches and it is another item I won't risk ironing, I think the fabric is silk. A very welcome addition to my small collection of EdwardVII souvenirs.

Monday, August 9, 2010

EdwardVII Coronation and ME ME

Big day for me. Today is my birthday, my 150th post and the anniversary of the Coronation in 1902 of Edward VII. The cake has to double as birthday and celebration cake for 150 posts, my age being somewhere between the number of candles and the 150, any more candles might have set off the smoke alarm. Have had a wonderful day celebrating and was able to meet my two children in Sydney for lunch. Son D. is a shift worker and today was his day off. My gift from him and partner T. was the book about London, a very interesting book about the history of London from Roman times to the present day. A perfect gift for me as I am such an Anglophile.
Another perfect gift from daughter S. and family is this book about a London family. First published in 1933 then reprinted in the 1970's I read it years ago but was never able to find another copy. Thanks to the internet and clever S. I can now reread it. Do a google search on the author, she is very interesting. Enough about me and back to the Royals. I bought this plate on ebay and is the only souvenir I have of EdwardVII with the wrong date. The coronation was set for 26th June but 2 days before the King become ill with appendicitis and the coronation took place on my birthday 9thAugust 1902. ( no I was born later)

A very pretty pink lustre tea pot from 1902 decorated with Edward and Alexandra.

I bought the coronation saucer then rembered I had a pretty cup I had bought months ago even though it had a crack I was going to do something clever with the cup, perhaps a candle or pincushion in it, but it matches the saucer so well they are almost made for each other.
The wording on the saucer reads 'Coronation year 1902 Edward and Alexandra King and Queen of the British Empire'.

Two souvenir plates from 1902. Alexandra's plate has been broken in half and badly mended at some time in its long life. Edward only had a short reign and died in 1910 aged 68.

Friday, August 6, 2010

King GeorgeVI Cushions

Arrived today from a very generous blogger friend Gina in Victoria, this hand embroidered cushion cover from the coronation of George VI. I think it's too good to be a cushion cover and think I might frame it. It will be framed as is so it can revert to a cover if need be. Thank you so much Gina at http://patrasotherplace.blogspot.com I am thrilled with the cushion cover. Pictured below is another hand embroidered cushion cover I have in my collection. This one has been framed but can still be a cover if I change my mind.

This one below came as a tapestry/fabric panel and I made it into a cushion, can't think why I didn't frame this one, lack of wall space perhaps???

A cushion cover waiting to be embroidered, hopefully in my lifetime; join the queue George...The embroidery has been started by someone at sometime, wish they had finished it, they gave up too soon.
Cushion cover below is a velour/velvet type fabric and the only one showing GeorgeVI and Elizabeth, but look closely and you will notice the cushion is mirror reverse to all other King G photos etc. The Kings medals are on the wrong side of his chest!!!!

I have shown 2 of the cushions before but this time they are on display without my beautiful Charlotte sitting on them and being a distraction, I'm doing this post while both cats are asleep.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Queen Mother's Birthday

A small tribute to a favourite royal, the Queen Mother born 4th August 1900. The souvenirs are from the Q.M's 100th birthday, except the flower brooch on the left with crown on top which is from the coronation 1937 and the tiny figurine is on a thimble.