Friday, June 22, 2012

International Cat Box Day and Souvenirs

 Charlotte has just found out that she missed International Cat Box Day (again). Lucky for me an ebay parcel arrived  today so I was able to provide a box. The day was 19th June but I've convinced Charlotte that cats can celebrate boxes all week. Thanks to Brian at for alerting me to such a special day.
 Sorry Charlotte that box was the best I could do at short notice, I hope you like it. Emily won't even get out of bed to have a look at the box.

So you don't like the box Charlotte? Yes I know other cats around the world have better boxes and more choice, I'll go out tomorrow and find lots more boxes and I've already marked Box day on next year's calendar so we will be ready . 
Meanwhile back to my Jubilee visit. Hamleys had a Jubilee bear for sale 35GBP and I thought it rubbish. The bear was wearing a very poorly made dress and nothing else. I bought this bear at Kensinton Palace for one third that price then crossed stitched EIIR and the years 52-12 and added a circlet of diamontes to the crown.
In the background is a cushion with portraits of the Queen I bought at a souvenir shop in Picadilly Circus.

Had to have a corgi, this one has I Love London on it's cape and I added EIIR. I think I should add the year 2012 too.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Well, I was there in London while history was being made at the Diamond Jubilee and while I was away I made front page news which was a bit of a shock/surprise. I was met at Sydney airport by my 2 children holding up the paper. I was interviewed and photographed before I went away but thought I would be hidden in a middle section somewhere. This is my 10 minutes of fame, not being followed up by book and movie deals. You don't really need to see what I look like, the paper has has put enough details in including my age which I think is a missprint.
Even my bed was pictured on page 2 with me sitting on it. I am only sorry Charlotte and Emily weren't sleeping on the bed at the time.
I had a wonderful and exciting time in London. Despite the weather I saw and did everything I wanted to. Front row at the Flotilla, 7 hour wait with my little stool. 6 hour wait at the top of Whitehall for the Parade on the 5th. It was cold and wet but nothing stopped me. I took about 250 photos and being the world's worst photographer about 10 are worth showing. I will tell all in time but am still recovering from a bad case of Jet lag. Travel time is 30 hours each way incl. 21 hours in the air each way and the rest of the time travelling to or waiting at airports incl. 2hrs at Hong Kong. All this and I am afraid of flying!!! but once again I suffer for my obsession.
One of the souviners I bought is this pretty mini teaset, I have one for the Golden Jubilee but this one is a slightly different design.
To prove no souvenir is too tacky for me to want is this figurine of the Queen. Her hanbag is a solar cell and when placed in the sun she waves. Plenty of sun here even if I saw none in London.
A tea pot is a must in any collection and I managed to get this one home safely.

To prove I was there here is the Queen, I waved and cheered so much my flags fell apart. I was at the top of Whithall just where the parade turned into the Mall and though it seems there is no crowd the whole area was packed. The space opposite seemed to have been kept for disabled groups who never came.
          Pictured below is I think one of my very favourite things to see. The big silver drums, so heavy they must be carried by the big shire horses.
I went to the Ballet at Covent Garden (Prince and the Pagodas) and have decided I don't like men in too tight tights hopping around the stage and feel no need to ever go to a ballet again. BUT- men in uniform on horseback in a Parade in London, love it and can't get enough.