Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Royal Display at Country Show

On Sunday I went to a country fair. I don't usually go to country fairs but this was a special one. The fair was celebrating its 60th anniversary and as the Queen is also celebrating her 60th year of rule Janet from Janet's Royalty Rooms (now closed but Janet still has her collection) was asked to lend some of her items for a display. So you can see why I had to go. A guard from The Tower of London was there to point us in the direction of the display.
 The display was well worth the visit, I have some of the souvenirs Janet has but of course she has so much more and I can't compete. The Queen came through this small town by train on her visit in 1954 and newspapers and photos from that date were also on display.
More of Janet's display. Last week I went to a local small museum which had advertised a Diamond Jubilee display. It was so disapointing I wanted to add some of my own items. Unfortunately I am too selfish and thought my items might be lost or stolen.
 There was a pet show and this little girl won the first prize ribbon with the blue tongue lizard she is holding. These harmless and common garden lizards are named because the have a long blue tongue.
 The small boy won first prize for the cuddliest pet with the chicken he is holding. I think all the pets entered won a prize for something. I'll try and talk Charlotte and Emily into coming with me next year---but I know they won't.
 There was a band playing country music.
 A display of utes bristling with spotlights and ariels.
Lots of stalls and games. This one looks good. You put your children in this sealed ball, throw them into a pool of water and then I suppose you let them out when the air runs out. I didn't stay to find out.
There was also displays of needlework, next year I am going to enter some of my cross stitch and hope to win a prize ribbon. ( I hope it's a 1st prize) I had a great day and now I will look for more shows to attend.


  1. Wow - what a cool fair! Those big balls would keep the kids entertained that's for sure! Love that the boy won a prize for his chicken. Haha!
    xo Catherine

  2. So many happenings at a fair and it looks like everyone enjoyed it.

  3. Those balls are one way of having fun in water without getting wet - providing, of course, that you are let out before the air runs out. The fair seems to have been a good day out. Are you sure you did not go in disguise dressed as a beefeater?

  4. What a huge display ! The pet show must have been fun, I don't think that Charlotte and Emily will appreciate to be "exposed" !

  5. Seems like an interesting show, Sylvia, so nice you had a great day !
    And I love country music :-)
    Have a nice week,

  6. Great photos of the country faire. It seems you have now summer there and we get fall here!
    I´m sure I qould be afraid to go into these balls, but it looks funny!

  7. The fair looks like it was a lot of fun. Nice to see a blue tongue lizard win a prize.

  8. That's cool! Well good luck on your entry for next year. The lizard and chicken stuff is so funny. And that huge ball, I've tried it even though I'm already an adult. It's so much fun to feel young once in a while.

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  9. I love local regional fairs like that - more so than the big state agric. shows. I understand your reluctance to lend out your collection to go on show; I felt like that about my Bundoora exhibition until I found out how secure everything would be. I'll hold you to that idea of putting some of your cross stitched samplers into the show next year - you will definitely win a ribbon! There was only one medal of any interest to you in the bag of medals I emailed you about, so I have it put aside to send, along with something I found in a shop today and I know you will absolutely LOVE!!!!