Saturday, December 29, 2012

A 21st Birthday and Christmas

 I have special family permission to show this photo. Grandson T celebrated his 21st birthday a few days before Christmas with a climb to the top of the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with his father. This is not a climb for the faint hearted or those afraid of heights, but look at that view. The Opera House on the left, opened by the Queen in 1973, and the huge cruise liner Voyager of the Seas on the right. This has to be almost the best view in the world, second only to Buckingham Palace. I left Sydney by ship in the 1970's for the U.K from that very same berth. A 5 week voyage. In those days it was possible to have visitors to your cabin for farewell parties and hundreds of streamers were thrown ship to shore. Bands played, tears shed and goodbye's were screamed. Now ships slink quietly away with barely a wave and security and health and safety spoils the fun and the emotion of parting.
 Also by special permission a Christmas day photo of 15yr old Grandson A wearing his Christmas gift sunglasses.  I am so proud of my 2 very special grandsons.
 One of my gifts, a book about French Cats and we all know they are much more sophisticated than cats any where else in the world.
 I thought Puss in Boots was English. No! there is an insert in the book with the story of P in B and turns out he is French. The story written by Charles Perrault 1628-1703. Now I know the whole story.
A fun find at the markets today, a decanter shaped like the GOLD COACH with four tiny cups. Now when the Queen and Prince Phillip visit I can offer Phil a tot of rum while the Queen sips Earl Grey from a coronation cup and nibbles on cucumber sandwiches. I am always on alert and ready for this mythical visit. I will only need about a six month warning.


  1. Congratulations to T. on his 21st and for the bridge climbing effort. As you said, terrific view, but I think I will stay firmly on the ground. You have very handsome grandsons. Love the decanter and glasses.

  2. Happy Birthday to your grandson!

    For some reason I did know that Puss n Boots was French. Too funny!

    I hope you and the kitties had a super good Christmas and I wish you a wonderful New Year!

    xo Catherine

  3. Happy Birthday to your grandson! Yes, that's a lovely view. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Purrs!

  4. Handsome grandsons. Happy 2013.

  5. I'm happy to see you back blogging:) You have a lovely family.

  6. Happy 2013 and happy birthday to your grandson ;-)

  7. A happy new year to you and your family.
    Also I´ll send belated Birthdaywishes to your grandson. Wow, what a great view from the bridge there. That looks like a really exciting trip.
    You got an interesting book. it looks like there are wonderful pictures in it.
    Your fun find of the market is cute.

    hugs from Germany

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