Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dressing The Queen and a Pretty Apron

A just released in the U.K book by the Queen's dresser Angela Kelly and approved by the Queen. I bought my copy from Amazon U.K as I couldn't wait for the book to be released in Australia in February. All about the Queen's wardrobe from choosing fabrics and trimmings to fittings and final approval by the Queen of the whole outfit right down to jewellery, hats, bags and shoes and matching umbrella.
 I think this book is of interest to anyone who loves fashion and fabric, not just lovers of Royalty.
 A busy sewing room pictured here. There are some beautiful pictures in the book and explanations of why certain fabrics and colours are chosen.
This is the dress worn  for the opening of the London Olympics. Two copies of this outfit were made, one for the Queen and one for her double who jumped out of the helicopter.
My print has gone small again!! is it blogger playing with my sanity or is it my paranoia kicking in???
I have something in common with the Queen, she chooses a handkerchief from her large collection to suit her outfit.  I do the same. The hanky I show on the book was my mother's and she dyed it purple in one of her 'dying everything purple' phases. I carry mum's hanky to special family occasions.
I know handkerchiefs are out and sniffing is in  but I wish people would at least carry a tissue.  I also like to dye things purple sometimes
In the seventies when I lived in the U.K for an extended period I sold handkerchiefs  in the haberdashery department of  Bentalls, a large dept. store in Kingston Upon Thames just outside London.  I soon learned a lot about hankys. There were mourning hankys,  some for lipstick, hand rolled edges, whatever the customer wanted I had it or would order it in. I still dream about the huge stockrooms full of wool, buttons, trimmings, lace and ribbons. I first saw velcro there and have been in love with it ever since. The bottom left pic. shows the back of Bentalls in my day. The name is still there but Bentalls is now a collection of smaller shops and handkerchief counters and haberdashery depts. are sadly no more.
Latest  arrival for my apron collection is this pretty apron. I couldn't resist buying it because of the dog. Love the shoes the girl is wearing too and she is holding a bone for the dog. The apron came gift wrapped in pretty paper and ribbon. Love it when sellers do that and so few do. Thank you friendly seller.


  1. The Queen book looks very interesting.
    Hmmn, hankys and haberdashery, don't think people know about those anymore.

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  4. This book must be very interesting ! Mr. G. always uses hankies (much to my anger because it's not very hygenic and I have to wash them) he has a whole collection ! He never would use a tissu, it's a real tic !

  5. I bet you are enjoying that book of the Queen's. Very fun ~ good for you!
    xo Catherine

  6. Very interesting books. A wonderful experience to work in such a shop. I never feel completely dressed without my hanky and on important occassions it is 'one for show and one for blow'