Friday, November 20, 2015

A Very Royal Anniversary and Royal Knitting

 Sixty eight years ago today, 20th November 1947 Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married at Westminster Abbey. Congratulations to them both, they have a lot to celebrate on this special day.
 This is what some other women might have been doing on that special day in 1947. The dress is completely hand knitted including the frills and shoulder pads in 3/4 ply "Daphne" crochet wool. While knitting or wearing this masterpiece you must not gain weight or eat or drink in case of nasty spills or get near a cat or rose bush in case of snags. I found an add. for the wool in a 1947 newspaper. 21 balls are needed and cost 9 pence halfpenny a ball old money. Please do the sums and send me the answer. There were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. To wear the dress you must also be clever with your hair. A true masterpiece and the dress is not lined so best not to sit down or you might get a baggy seat.
 The booklet with the instructions for the dress. The add. in the news paper listed some very pretty colours for the wool but like the booklet it was all in black and white.
 Found this amazing book on Amazon, Full instructions included for everything, even the flowers.
 This is me! or it might be me when I have knitted the corgi slippers, pink twin set even knitted pearls and sash
 And when/if I adopt a corgi he will be wearing this smart coat and have a royal cushion.
 My bathroom will look like this. Don't worry I will reverse the feet as no male would ever be allowed in.
 If I had a man in my life I would knit him this smart jacket with knitted medals. I do have a son so wonder if I could knit this by Xmas and surprise him.
A knitted English breakfast complete with knitted sausages, bacon and egg. I might be able to knit an egg or sausage by Xmas. If I wrap these knitted treasured nicely I'm sure my family will love their knitted gifts.
A new knitted crown tea cosy in my collection and I didn't even have to knit it. This mini cosy was an eBay purchase and is so pretty.
Now back to my cross stitch. I'll learn to become an expert knitter tomorrow


  1. It is so hot today even the thought of wearing wool is exhausting. Love the breakfast sausage and egg as I wouldn't have to wear that. Hope you and Shibella have somewhere cool to sit.

  2. Oh Sylvia, you do make me laugh! Especially the comments about the toilet set and mat, LOL!!!

  3. This toilet set was probably made for Buckinham Palace, lol ! A knitted breakfast ! That's something ! You can always knit a coat for the sausage to keep it warm !