Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shibella Updates Again

So what has Shibella been up to lately? Bird watching, the tide is out and there are always lots of birds to watch from seagulls to pelicans and all sizes in between they keep her entertained.
 Collapsing exhausted to the floor after too much bird watching.
 Attacking the cat tower I bought for a lot of money and trouble.
 And again. What Shibella refuses to do!! and that is allow any grooming sessions or sleep on my bed!!
This is the cat show I went to only a week before I adopted Shibella when I knew I had to double my efforts to find my own cat before I grabbed one of these and ran. Forgetting for the moment I can't run far or at all.
The man holding the cat is Fabrice, one of two French judges that came to judge the cats. Both French judges were very well dressed and not worried about cat hairs on their smart suits.
They came all this way to judge a suburban cat show??? That's the cat world.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shibella Updates

 Here is Shibella, yes I am staying with her full name, being coaxed out from under my bed on her first day home.
 You are a big girl Shibella.  Shibella is 11 years old and is a pedigree British Shorthair and I have her papers. This type of cat does not meow and doesn't like to be picked up. But as I am writing this she is rubbing against my legs and I think she likes me.
 Here is Shibella ignoring the cat grass and cat mint I bought for her.
 Also ignoring the cat tower I bought.
 But wait... now she is on the tower.
 Now on the table.
 Trying out the back of a chair with no regard for anything Royal she might be sitting on.
Shibella eats well and uses the litter tray. Although she is a short haired cat she has a double coat which needs grooming but we are still getting to know each other so that will wait. Shibella please sleep on my bed tonight and not under it.