Friday, April 8, 2016

Shibella a British Shorthair, Her Blog Post

 I was hoping for an email from some of the nice cats I met at the Cat Shelter but no news yet. It was my twelfth birthday on 9th February and everyone forget because of the Big Move. I have been promised a big party next year.
 Here I am being good and making use of my scratching post.
 I have been told this is my favourite toy. Do not believe this nonsense. I have been trying to get rid of this green thing since Christmas. I toss it around, hide it behind furniture but it always turns up again.
 This is my 'run to' box if I get nervous about anything and that green thing has even followed me here.
 Here I am in my courtyard admiring-or trying to- the few tame plants out here. Still no complaints from me as I do have safe outdoor space I can't get out of. A bit like prison but that would be unkind to say.
 Sometimes I sleep on the bed as it keeps HER happy. Note SHE still has the Diamond Jubilee Doona cover. SHE has two you know. One on and one in the wash. I should mention the Jubilee was four years ago so get over it but SHE is so nice to me I don't want to hurt HER feelings.
 Sometimes I sleep on the lounge watched over by a Corgi. What's his story I wonder?
Here I am just after my birthday. You might notice I look a bit different in the later photos. Because I refused to be combed or brushed I was all knotted up and had to go to the Vet. Have all my fur shaved off under full anesthetic. When I got home again I felt much better and much cooler. I still don't like being groomed so now there is talk of regular appointments at the Cat Groomer.
Well those unkind cats at Cat Protection Newtown who said I was too old to find a good home must be sorry now as I think I got the best home of all.
Must go now as SHE is heading toward the kitchen and I could do with another feed.


  1. Absolutely wonderful cat
    It is so adorable

  2. You look lovely with your new hairdo Shibella. Glad to see you looking so settled in after the Big Move, shame you couldn't lose the Green Thing then. Still, it keeps HER happy if she thinks you're playing with it. Very good of you to put up with all those corgis by the way.

  3. Shibella you have such a cute face that it makes me smile and I see you are also persecuted by a green mouse, just like Rosie ! Your new home's outside space looks wonderful, at least you can take some fresh air !

  4. Shibella so glad you like your new house. Always a good idea to humour the hand that feeds you and please try not to bite it again.
    Tell HER you saw a big spider on the green thing, SHE will throw it away for you.

  5. Ha ha, I love all the above comments! Shibella, has your housemate (She) installed any apps for you on her ipad, or doesn't she have one? Tiger loves his Rat and Raven app, where the rat runs all over the screen squeaking and Tiger spends a lot of time chasing it :-)

  6. well stop being shy Shibella, I want to meet you, John,