Monday, July 25, 2016

Queen's 90TH Birthday Stitching and Shibella

 Just because I haven't posted on my blog for a while doesn't mean I haven't been busy with my Royal stitching. Finished yesterday and ready to come off the tapestry frame and framed ready to go on the wall is this lovely and easy to stitch picture of the Queen.
 From Brigantia Needlework, they usually design cushions or church kneelers but for the Queen's 90th they produced this very nice picture. It is a kit and comes with a very generous supply of wools and a chart to make it easier to identify colours and stitches.
 Finished and framed is my Faye Whittaker cross stitch. A small design so I stitched it on 11ct aida to make it a bit larger and as I already had some yellow cloth I used that. Have you finished yours yet Janice?
 Next project is this Cut Thru Buckingham Palace by Bothy Threads. Not as difficult to stitch as it looks as Bothy always supplies a separate chart for the backstitch. It is a kit and comes with 16ct pale blue aida. I placed the first few stitches and realised I had a problem. Ageing eyes and hands make 16ct not very enjoyable and as I don't want this to end in the unfinished cupboard I will stitch it on 14ct aida.
 After my Bothy Palace this must be stitched. Love the design and have already ordered the red fabric.
No queue jumping please Corgi, you must wait your turn to be stitched.
 Latest eBay purchase this lace 'souvenir'? for the death of Prince Albert in 1861. My uneducated guess is that it is Nottingham lace made in 1861 and I think the fringe has been added later. Padded and covered with green fabric an artist board which was the right size then stitched the lace onto that'
Here is Shibella showing off her newly extended window ledge. The first rays of the morning sun hit this ledge and Shibella is always waiting.


  1. The Queen's 90th birthday stitching looks very nice. Shibella has a great spot at the window.

  2. Hope Corgi doesn't mind waiting. Also hope you have enough wall space for all of this wonderful work.

  3. Beautiful stitches
    Shibella is very lovely

  4. Sylvia, you are unstoppable! I am constantly amazed at the steady supply of new Royalty stitching projects you find, and not only find the patterns, but actually stitch them all, and beautifully done too :-)
    I have inherited a deceased estate of linens, but so far I haven't found any Royalty themed items. I'll let you know if I do ;-)

  5. Wow ! you were a busy bee all this stitching ! I admire your patience ! They look very nice love the one with the Queen and the little kid !

  6. So Shibella gets her name 'in lights' Love the
    new 'header' photo.