Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shibella's Thirteenth Birthday

 Yes it's true today I am thirteen years old. I am looking a bit startled here because SHE remembered my birthday. Last year SHE forgot to remember.
 My eyes are still my best feature and I think I look very good for my age.
 Looking a bit tired here because I am ready for my afternoon sleep.
 We both like the same side of the bed so SHE sleeps this side at night and I sleep here in the day. A bit like Box and Cox. (Google them if you don't know the story) We might rent out the other side of the bed as it is never used.
 This is a handy hint for those very hot days we are having. Sleep under the bed! I find it a little bit cooler down here and am trying to get HER to join me. No luck so far.
I know the postman has been I will look at my card when I've finished eating. I bet It's from that blue budgerigar I met once and never managed to get close to. What a cheek!!


  1. Happy Birthday teenager, hope you enjoy your day. You do look well in all those photos. And Best Wishes from Fred the blue budgie, from a very safe distance :)

  2. Happy Birthday Shibella. Hope you had a lovely day and SHE waited on you hand and foot (as usual). Enjoy your teenage years and don't get up to too much mischief.

  3. Happy Birthday, Shibella, you are the sweetest and looking very good !
    Hope you had a lovely day ... :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Shibella ! 13 is no age ! Arthur is 14 and played with a toy mouse this morning ! You look so cute ! Rosie sleeps always between my head and shoulder and is angry when I dare to move !

  5. Shibella is just darling! Is she any more affectionate as she had got older? It took our Topsy all of ten years to finally accept being patted and cuddled, without lashing out at us. Tiger is 4 now, and he is getting more affectionate. Sleeps on the bed now.