Friday, March 31, 2017

Coronation 1953 Petticoat and More Amazing Coronation Samplers

 Yes! Another amazing find and win on eBay. Such was the excitement and patriotic fever for the 1953 Coronation women bought underwear embroidered with EIIR and a crown. The label has been cut from the back of this petticoat so can't tell the maker. Not sure what the fabric is and there is a net band at the hem to match the net at the bust.
 I have placed red fabric under the bust so the royal embroidery can be seen.
 I can always find space for something as special (and rare?) as this. Had to rush out and buy a new display model.
 I've had the Edward VIII sampler for sometime then the George VI sampler came along. 1937 must have been an exciting year for stitchers and for those selling the samplers ready to stitch.
 I don't like to admit defeat and this was an expensive kit. I finished William but I admit Kate and her wedding dress is almost impossible. There are just too many shades of white and too many odd stitches. I want to hang on to my last bits of sanity and eyesight.If I hadn't had wedding fever at the time I would have known this is a computer generated chart and so too hard to stitch even though I like a challenge. The threads that came with the kit are cheap and the red colour ran a bit when washed. Kate and her dress are folded at the back of the frame so perhaps in the future someone might finish her. Note: to self and others only buy reputable and known brand kits.
 Only a small bit of the edge to finish on this Charles and Diana Wedding Tapestry kit. It was about one third stitched when I bought it so I'm pleased I was able to finish another stitchers work. I can only hope all my U.F.O's are finished by someone else one day.
 Another C&D sampler I couldn't resist. It is a kit and came with very pretty coloured Appleton wools. It is next in the Queue.
 Added to my collection, Princess Diana's flower girl, very pretty.
Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones wedding dolls. Sadly the groom's hat brim broke off and the bride's veil fell apart in the wash. I made a new veil but not very happy with it so will try again. I bought these dolls at a local market and the woman selling them didn't know who they were. I didn't tell her till after I paid or she might have charged me more. The dolls are Peggy Nisbit dolls, she makes a lot of Royal dolls. Also I think Margaret's face might have darkened with age.

Your turn next time Shibella, I had too much to show today.


  1. Very nice additions to your collection, although you may have to explain what a petticoat is :)

  2. Showing my age. I know what a petticoat is but surprised that there were coronation ones made.
    No shame in giving in and leaving Kate unfinished. Someday someone will finish the work you started, but not me.

  3. I like the underwear ! they look like dresses ! You have been very busy it seems ! I want to go to London Kensington palace and see the Diana's dresses exhibition ! I wait until it is a little warmer.

  4. Where did you get the pattern of William and the one of Kate in her wedding dress?