Saturday, August 22, 2009

rescued doll house

Found this doll house in an op shop for a few dollars, it was very dirty and neglected, felt I just had to bring it back to life. Moved the walls a bit, some paint, wallpaper, carpet and lino and new curtains it was all fun to do. A lot of the furniture came from Hong Kong via ebay, lots of bargains to be had there.
This is the second doll house I've renovated, hope I don't find any more as space is a bit limited here with my collections and 2 cats.


  1. I am ready to move in. What is the rent?

  2. Oh I can't believe you found this in an OPSHOP!! You really are tinny (lucky!). When I was a kid I always wanted a dolls house, and I nagged my parents every birthday and Christmas, but I never got one.