Saturday, December 12, 2009

George VI Embroidery

Two embroidered samplers showing the Coronation route for the coronation of George VI May 1937. The embroidery below is the same as the smaller sampler but it has been used to make a bag, perhaps a sewing or pyjama bag. The embroidery on the bag is not quite finished but came with the left over old cottons for me to complete. (one day)
The transfer for the smaller sampler and bag was given away with the magazine 'Modern Woman' May 1937 and then you could use it in different ways.
These were all ebay purchases from the U.K.
Some samplers I receive show a lot of damp, mildew or watermarks and I am pretty good at bringing old samplers back to life but I havn't yet tried to remove the watermark on the larger sampler. (Napisan is the secret)
Off to another Christmas lunch now, Doll club this time. No competitions today so I won't feel bad if my dolls or bears don't win a prize.


  1. I often wonder if the makers of Napisan realise what a huge following they have apart from people with babies! What a pity we don't live closer, Sylvia. Our Guild has asked the members to lend them anything relating to the two World Wars, for an exhibition next year at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne. I've lent them my three WW1 postcards, two picture frames and two unworked doilies marked
    'wartime production'. But your George V coronation maps would be eagerly sought!