Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

Happy Christmas to All,hope everyone got lots of cards and parcels. Keep warm those in the Northern Hemisphere and cool those of us living South of the Equator.
Visited my daughter on Sunday for my grandson's birthday (sorry I don't have permission to show the birthday boy) and found this rock doorstop wearing a crocheted cover. Is she turning into her mother or worried about climate change???

We had a celebration brunch at a local restaurant and back at the house I had this very nice cup of tea (she knows I hate mugs) with the birthday cake.

I accidentley left the door of the small bathroom open, Charlotte knows she is not supposed to go in as it gets too crowded with me and 2 cats so she is looking to see if I noticed.

Yes that's you Charlotte, looking beautiful as usual.

I think this is her "throw me out if you dare look". Emily didn't notice the door was open so missed it all.
The next few posts were supposed to be Royal but once again I have been sidetracked by cats.


  1. Oh, Charlotte looks so beautiful.
    Wonderful blue eyes in her lovely face!
    Congratulations to your grandsons birthday. That sounds like a great day!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family too!!!

  2. Hello! I found you through Rose Tea Cottage. A most unique blog you have. Miss Charlotte is a very beautiful cat! Being 'sidetracked' by a cat is a most wonderful thing. :) Hope you are having a lovely holiday season!

  3. Darling, I thank you for your love and support this past year when I needed it most. Your kindness has left me feeling blessed. You have made my first year of blogging a memorable one!! I am certain that 2010 will be an amazing year for us both. Enjoy the last day of the year and have a marvelous 2010 full of good health, happiness, prosperity, love and blessings.

    Love & Hugs