Sunday, May 2, 2010

Royal Headline

Headline in this weeks International Express. Well that is perhaps good news if royal memorobillia will become cheaper, and now I only collect the more unusual items and hand embroidered royal samplers, tablecloths and doileys.
Pictured with her very large royal collection is Margaret Tyler of Wembley, a suburb of London. I visited Margaret in Wembley 3 years ago and her collection is amazing. She has over 10,000 items, impossible to see everything in one visit so I hope I can go again.
I have seen two collections far superior to mine but I think I have more embroidered items in mine, I could be wrong as I am easily dazzled by other royal collections.

Two days before I read that headline the picture above of GeorgeVI fell of the wall. Was that a warning of the royal collectible crisis?
I was sitting with Charlotte and Emily and we were watching the news when there was a terrible crash and the sound of breaking glass that seemed to go on forever. I thought a brick had been thrown through the window and was afraid to lookThe picture had fallen forward when the rusty hook holding the wire came away from the old wooden frame, then hit the metal end of the Diana bed and shattered. Lucky nothing else was broken on the way down and the King is now back on the wall minus the glass.

I didn't think there could be so much glass in one frame and these were only the larger chunks, there were also tiny tiny slivers everywhere. Emily likes to sleep on that bed but she was with me at the time, although both girls wanted to help with the cleaning up, it was hard to keep them out of the room as it has double sliding doors and Emily can open the doors easily.
Now I'm wondering if I should take the glass out of everything on the wall before there is another far worse disaster.

I try not to buy more royal china and the headline above will make me bargain harder when I do buy. This royal wedding plate was an unusual enough bargain, It's Royal Copenhagen china made in Denmark and I think very pretty.

Not the Royal Collection but I do love kitsch and swans and pretty things, the swan was a market bargain and the pretty 'made in England vase an op shop buy.

Now I could not resist this Koala jug, made in China, I found it in an antique shop yesterday. Does this prove I have no taste but just love THINGS?? Especially when they are bargains.


  1. How lucky that nothing else was damaged including your sweet kitties! I have broken glass in the kitchen before and am always so worried that I have missed a sliver and it will end up in Banjo's foot.

    I'm not sure the price, but I do know you can get shatter proof glass. Perhaps yo can replace some of the glass in the heavier frames with this type of glass.

    Your collection of Royal collectibles is so wonderful. I am sure it gives you many hours of pleasure just looking at every thing.

    I know I can spend hours in my craft room just looking at all my trinkets and rearranging them. Using them is only 1/2 the fun! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    xo Catherine

  2. I pretend it's not kitsch but some people are convinced that I love kitsch too, lol !
    Poor King falling on your bed !

  3. The King must have picked a safe moment to fall off the wall, when Emily was not using the bed. Perhaps you will need more space if you are going to pick up bargains with royal memorabillia going cheap.

    The koala jug is cute.

  4. Can't imagine anyone having a collection like your's. I am just amazed!
    The poor King must have given you and the girls such a terrible shock and what a difficult job cleaning up.