Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kangaroos for Rosie

This post is for a little cat named Rosie who lives in Belgium with Gattina at "My Cats and Funny Stories". Rosie has a toy kangaroo to play with so I thought I would show her a couple of my kangaroo items. Rosie also lives with the very famous Arthur, Pookie and Kim. The latest apron in my apron collection is hand embroidered with kangaroos and gumnuts and leaves.
I bought this part embroidered large tablecloth and hope to finish it one day. The crown crocheted edge had already been completed. The cloth shows British, Australian and New Zealand symbols so I think it is from the Royal Visit in 1954.
The small kangaroo jug was bought at an op. shop and has 'made in czechoslovakia' on the base and sprigs of wattle on the back.

If I live for another 100 years I might embroider this cushion cover but with my evergrowing TO DO list this seems very unlikely.


  1. Crocheted crowns! I would never have thought of that, and I do like to crochet. I also like embroidering but have many U.F.Os (unfinished objects).

  2. It takes 100 years to embroider a cushion cover? Blimey, I'm glad I didn't start that hobby!

  3. Lovely especially the crocheted crown edge!

  4. "100 years to embroider a cushion cover"...LOL Fran!! That really tickled my funny bone!
    Another lovely Aussie apron in your collection, Sylvia - it is amazing how many designs were around back then. I'm sure Australia had more hand embroidered aprons than anywhere else in the world! The UFO cloth sounds fabulous. I haven't forgotten about photographing the Royals unembroidered cloth for you - just haven't dug that far down in the pile of UFO cloths lately :-(

  5. Rosie thanks for the honor ! She loves her little kangaroo which a friend of mine brought her from Sidney ! I have no patience for embroidering ! not even for knitting or crocheting or sewing, lol !
    But I love kangoroos, they look so funny when they hop around. I don't know if you know Diane living near Brisbane, she has a big kangeroo which comes from time to time into her garden and eats her plants ! He is called Big Butt !

  6. Such cute little kangaroos!

    To answer your question on my blog ~ "Victoria Day" long weekend in Canada is indeed to celebrate the Queen's birthday! How lovely to celebrate the Royals day of birth ~ especially if it gets us an extra day off work! :)

    xo Catherine