Tuesday, June 14, 2011

William Kate and Catching Up

These cardboard cutouts of William and Kate were on a magazine display stand in a local supermarket. Lucky for me I have connections in the right places and carried them home when the display was finished. Emily is once again looking worried by my enthusiasms, Charlotte is still making up her mind.
And where have I been for the last 3 weeks? In a Blogger won't let me comment on other blogs/Post Royal Wedding/Post London Trip and now it's Winter SLUMP. Hope Blogger and Me are both over it!!!

HAPPY 90th BIRTHDAY Prince Phillip, sorry I missed it last Friday.

Last Saturday was Doll Club meeting and we have moved to a new hall, this was our welcome to new premises cake. Very pretty and delicious with a cup of tea. I think all agreed our new hall a great success.

I said this was a catching up post so I have to show my winning entry in the previous Doll club meeting. I received first prize in the Miniature book section with my tiny coronation book which can also be worn on a chain.

Emily wants to show her new bed. This one has ears and a tail and Charlotte has a matching one.

Of course they share my bed at night but the girls like a bed that can be placed to catch the sun in the day.


  1. Welcome Back!

    Blogger has certainly been giving us troubles hasn't it. but I am glad you are back up and running. Those cut-outs are fun ~ and of course ~ the kitty beds extra sweet!

    Hope you are having a good week!
    xo Catherine

  2. It looks a as if Charlotte has a glance under Kates skirt, lol ! I wondered where you have been and had the intention to write an email tomorrow I fly to Istambul for 10 days, but I will post from there. Congratulations to the first price ! the new bed is just too cute !

  3. Will the young couple be making a tour of Oz? I can show them Kings Park if they do lol.

    Love the tiny coronation book, and the kitties are cute too.

    On a side note, I'm having trouble with Blogger too but I find reading/posting via Mozilla seems to stop the problem. Could be an IE issue. Hope you have some success in clearing it up.


  4. Hello Sylvia,
    Glad you're back, I had problems with Blogger too, but after a few days I installed the Mozilla Firefox browser, no problems there.
    Congratulations on your first prize, that tiny book is so beautiful !
    Charlotte and Emily are so cute, love their new bed :-)

  5. Glad you are back in business. I thought you were just too busy sewing and/or knitting to post blogs. Love the miniature book.

  6. Lovely to have you back on (blogger)board! Congrats. on first prize for your tiny book - very sweet! I wish our cats were like yours...We bought Tiger a lovely igloo when he was a kitten, and he curled up in it every night for the first few months. Now he just turns his little nose up at it - day or night. He prefers to snooze on our bed during the day when he isn't outside, and at night, he has taken over Topsy's bed in the laundry, while she sleeps on our bed. Kids.. who'd have 'em!

  7. Glad to see you back. I was a bit worried. What a lovely little book and what a lovely cake.

  8. Dear Sylvia,
    Welcome back. Sorry Emily is treating your wonderful cut-out with such disdain. Love your bust of Prince Phillip. Those little beds should be lovely and warm. Beautiful mini book.

  9. Hello, nice to see you again.

    I seem to be having blogger issues as well as it is very hard to leave a comment.

    Susan xo

  10. Hi Sylvia - is all okay at your end? I posted a pic on my blog last week that I hoped you'd see...I bought something with you in mind!