Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Queen Victoria's Birthday

Queen Victoria's Birthday, Empire Day and My 200th Post. Well it used to be Empire Day when I was at school and there was still some Empire left. The Empire was in it's heyday when Queen Victoria reigned and the little cup below has printed around the edge "Queen of an Empire on Which the Sun Never Sets". Queen Victoria souvenirs are hard to find and usually out of my price range but I love the few I do have. The little cup is from the Golden Jubilee 1887 and the mug from the Diamond Jubilee 1897.

Sometime in the over 100year history of the mug someone has cared enough about it to mend it with a little metal cage and new handle. I love it and now It's mine to care for.

I think my first love though has to be this solid silver bangle from Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee 1887. Hallmarked Birmingham silver 1887 it also has a little hard to see inscription 'From A.J June 87.

I have worn the bangle a few times as it has a very strong clasp but mostly I just leave it on display.

Also have a penny with Victoria's head dated 1895 and a little metal badge given to me by a neighbour, it has V.R Jubilee on but no year.
I found the little book of Patriotic poems published in 1908 during the reign of EdwardVII at a garage sale for 10cents.

When I was at school Empire day was always a half day. In the morning we would sing all the patriotic Empire songs such as 'The Maple Leaf Forever' and the Welsh national anthem and lots of other British songs most of which are in the little booklet. Then we went home to get our bonfires and fireworks ready to celebrate as soon as it was dark. I' m sure we would have song some Australian songs too but I don't remember which ones.

Congratulations to me on my 200th bloggiversary. I think I promised my 200th to Charlotte and Emily, didn't know it would clash with another important day. Next one girls, really 201 will be the best one.


  1. Congratulations! Your 200th post. I think you must be having quite a lot of fun with your blog when it includes things like visiting blog friends overseas!

    Happy Birthday Queen Victoria, her 192nd. You even have royal souvenirs from then, wow!

    Wishing you lots more happy blogging.

  2. Congratulations. Your collection is amazing.

  3. Happy Happy 200th post!

    That bracelet looks very heavy! So many pretty souvenirs you have.

    xo Catherine

  4. She was quiet a woman and apparently a good mother too ! Nice things you got there !
    Happy blogaversary ! 200 posts ! not bad !

  5. hello I know you have been following my mom's blog therustycupboard and she thought you might enjoy my blog here...if you would like to follow me you could see all the fun things that are happening in my wedding planning...thank you and have a great day

  6. Hi Sylvia, I thought I'd posted a "happy anniversary" comment here, but that was on my old computer, and goodness knows what happened to my comment - floating around in cyberspace never to be seen again, I think! But I now have a newer model, and hopefully won't have any problems for a while.

  7. Hiya.. i was just wondering how much that little cup from the golden Jubilee 1887 is worth?

  8. I have a bangle almost the same ...mine has the jubilee date etc ...solid silver..can you give me an approx value please. regards Russell