Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tempest Tapestry, Riverdrift Update and More

The Riverdrift House cross stitch is finished and I managed to fit in a couple of corgis from the second chart. Love the corgis, should be more of them. Square frames are hard to find so for now I have placed it on an artist board.
The Tempest Tapestry is looking good. This one has silver highlights and the right silver thread is on the way to me via ebay. The silver is included in the kit but I have only the chart. Very easy to stitch and can be a cushion or framed. I think I'll frame mine.

Op. shopping again, I bought this very pretty sheeting. Wide enough for a queen size bed I have lost count of how many metres I have. I kept going back to the shop and they had more and more of this brand new fabric at a giveaway price. Now I have enough to make sheets, doona covers, some curtains and even a nightie for me so I can be lost in plain sight and Chatlotte and Emily won't be able to find me in bed.

Stop plotting against me girls!! no, you can't stop me op shopping, I'm going again tomorrow.

I'm sure there'll be enough of the fabric left to make you something pretty to wear. I know you run when you see me coming toward you with a tape meassure in my hand, but perhaps you'd like a little apron to wear at meal times??

Half price day at the op shop and I bought this pretty pink doll chair.

All the bears wanted to sit in the chair but Emily rightly chose a Diamond Jubilee bear. Good thinking Emily, the other bears can have a turn next year.

Never one to resist a bargain, I found this Tower of London Beefeater on ebay. I already had 2 cows from Cow Parade, a china Golden Jubilee cow and a Bovingham Palace cow. The Beefeater is from Cow Parade too and a lot cheaper than the china ones.

Yesterday I had a break from cats, bears, sewing and ebay and had one of my favourite days out, lunch and a matinee with friends.The actors didn't go quite the Full Monty, but enough to give us a lot of laughs.

I wore a blue sparkly top straight from the op shop with my op shop brooch.

I saw the Queen on TV this week shopping in Fortnum and Mason's and wearing an almost identical brooch. We both have good taste. I wonder where she buys her clothes? or which op shop they are donated to????? I think we are almost the same size!!!


  1. love those gorgeous sheets; and I know a few others who were attracted to their color :)

  2. Beautiful job on that sampler! Always enjoy seeing your progress.

  3. Great stitching work, and nice to have a couple of corgis fitted in.

    I do like your camouflage style. Perhaps the girls would like a cushion for their beds with any leftover material.

    Do you think the Queen might be a hoarder and that is why you haven't seen her old stuff in the op shops?

  4. LOL Sylvia, I am so looking forward to meeting you - I love your humour! You pick up some great bargains at your opshop, that top is very smart. You've got me wondering what does happen to the Queen's (in fact all of the Royal ladies) cast offs - do you really think they might end up at opshops??

  5. Lovely finds, Sylvia !
    Nice to see the bears so cosy together, as always Charlotte and Emily are so cute !
    Wish you a wonderful week,

  6. Lovely cross stitch! Your kitty girls are gorgeous and that little pink chair so very cute!

  7. The fabric looks real nice and seems to be accepted by Charlotte (or is it Emily ?)
    Like your bear meeting, lol !
    I am still enjoying the South of France, my friends are so adorable !

  8. A nightie to match the sheets! I bet even the Queen does not have one of those.

  9. I love the photo of the girls ~ they are so precious! You always have so many treasures. That must be hard to go shopping when you are the Queen. Do you think the stores make her pay for stuff?? Hmmm.....

    Wishing you, Charlotte and Emily a happy week!
    xo Catherine

  10. I recently watched a documentary on the Queen's fashion and according to the people they interviewed, nothing is ever disposed of in any way. Everything is carefully stored (with records of when & where it was worn); it is vintage couture after all!!

  11. Hi, I've been following your blog for quite awhile but finally got around to figuring out how to join so I could comment. I was wondering if you've seen the new Bothy Threads Jubilee cross stitch. I was going to do the Riverdrift as my next project, but I think the Bothy Threads one is going to jump to the front of the line. I just have to wait for it to get here in New York!

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  13. Just found your blog! Oh my goodness -- what treasures you have!!!!! I want to do one of the Riverdrift Jubilee samplers.

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